The 4 Most-Wanted Garage Features To Add Value To Your Home

It is good to have a garage, but even better to have a great one when it comes to selling your house. An upgraded garage not only adds value to your home, but it will actually increase the chances of selling it. There are numerous aesthetic and functional ways to improve this space and, by extension, increase the value of your property. Four of the most impactful involve storage space, upgrading the floor, ceiling, and walls, making versatile use of the garage, and expanding it.

Since the 1960s, these spaces have trended toward becoming bare-boned spaces for cars, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Now the trend is shifting. These days, garages tend to be more elaborate and multi-purpose and have a greater impact on a home's resale value. AZCentral asserts that improvements to this area are so financially sound they have a greater return on investment than an added-on bathroom or sunroom. Moreover, upgrading a garage can pay off nearly as much as remodeling a kitchen. So, here are a few ways in which you can improve this space for a better selling price.

1. Storage system

To maximize a garage's value, it should be comparable to any other room in the home in terms of organization, cleanliness, and a lack of clutter, in the opinion of Blue Sky Builders. A clutter-free garage is a signal to a prospective buyer that the house itself is clutter-free and has ample space to store everything. Per Home Depot, a necessary preliminary step is to discard anything you do not need before devising your new storage plan.

A slat wall storage system is a practical way to utilize wall space and free up floor space. Hanging ceiling nets is another great storage method while constructing a storage loft will free up other space while organizing clutter. Leaving a space under hanging storage units is a good idea so the floor can be hosed down without getting water on them. Make sure any such attached shelves are securely fastened and also make liberal use of plastic bins with labels, attractively colored cabinets, and hooks. Bulkier items can be stowed away in overhead storage racks.

2. Insulated and improved space

Increasing the comfort level of a garage is one important way to make it more attractive to a prospective buyer. Garage Cabinets reminds us that if a garage door lacks insulation, leading to inhospitable conditions for anything other than parking a vehicle. Adding weather stripping to it, or installing an HVAC system in the garage will help control the climate and encourage other uses of the space. Adequately venting it and installing a carbon monoxide detector would also be valuable improvements. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. A ceiling fan or a wall-mounted one can boost ventilation while adding value to the property.

Geico suggests insulating garage walls and the ceiling to protect you and your car from weather elements. An insulated garage also results in a quieter house. A cozier space will perhaps encourage its all-season use for a home office, a workshop, or as a neighborhood gathering place. However, more versatile uses for a garage and an increase in the time spent there will require upgrading the lighting and electricity. So, add an adequate number of waterproof electrical outlets, possibly even a dedicated one for an electric car. Emphasizing safety, convenience, and aesthetics will be attractive to potential purchasers. A dark garage will also turn off homebuyers, so provide an appropriate lighting level. Motion-sensitive LED bulbs are an appealing upgrade.

3. Upgraded surface finishes

An attractive, durable, and practical floor surface is one value-enhancing garage feature. Garage Living recommends installing PVC floor tiles as an improvement over a traditional bare concrete floor. The polyvinyl chloride tiles lock together and do not need glue. In addition, they can be used elsewhere (basement, laundry, storage room, or "mudroom") to lend a cohesive appearance. Another way to upgrade from concrete is to use a polyurea polyaspartic coating. Available in different colors, it takes only a day to cure and can be applied under virtually any temperature conditions, per Garage Floor Coating.

An Epoxyshield paint covering is another step up from a spartan concrete one, per Lowe's. Painting and sealing a garage floor will protect it from cracking, and fortunately, this paint option can be laid over concrete with a three to five-day drying period. It, too, comes in a variety of colors and is easy to maintain. Epoxy adds shininess to the floor and is easy to clean, but it also forms a barrier against oil or other car fluid stains. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use.

4. Increase in usable area

A good rule of thumb is to add value to your garage by utilizing as much space as possible, Danley's asserts. Provided there is enough room and it is financially feasible, increasing the length, width, or height of the garage is an option that will add value should you decide to sell your house. Artisan Custom Doorworks notes it is vital to check with local ordinances before taking the step of expanding this area. Erecting living space above a detached garage is another way to add more room and value, particularly if it contains a kitchen and has plumbing.

In these days of larger vehicles, trucks, and SUVs, an increase in usable garage space is welcome and a strong selling point. Realty Times suggests installing a car lift to conserve floor space. A lift allows you to park two cars while only taking up one space, and you could also use it to park a vehicle and a boat, for example, in the off-season. Using the vertical dimension as efficiently as possible is a practical way to utilize the available floor space and make the garage more desirable. Making this space appear to have much more square footage will also make the entire house seem bigger.