The Best Bookshelves For Under $200

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Bookshelves are a great addition to any room if you want to spruce up an interior. They're versatile, functional, and can be filled with things you love, instead of just books. Styling bookshelves brings out your personality, letting you dig into new parts of yourself. Display your personality through the books you read, the art that catches your eye, or framed photos of you and close friends or family. Living Etc claims the best way to keep your bookshelves looking fresh is by regularly updating or rearranging items on the shelves. For example, you can swap out books or rearrange their spines in color order.

Finding the right size bookshelves is crucial to your living space because they come in numerous sizes. In addition, most bookshelves have added storage, which is excellent for smaller areas. Zin Home suggests buying a bookcase that will hold all of your books, and if you have more books than you thought, you can purchase multiple cases. On the other hand, smaller bookshelves are perfect for placing around in various rooms where they can hold books and be used as end tables. Although bookshelves can elevate the look of a room and provide more storage, they can be an investment. Their price ranges from as low as $20 to over $1,000, depending on the brand, style, and materials. We know it can be challenging to find the best bookshelf for an affordable price, so we gathered a few bookshelves for under $200.

1. Theo Ladder Bookcase

The Theo Ladder Bookcase has earthy tones and a sleek look. The 30-inch wide rustic oak shelves add warmth to the metal base and any neutral wall for $189.99. In addition, it has six shelves perfect for holding books and décor that add life to the living room.

2. A-shaped bookcase

This A-shaped black metal and wood shelved bookcase from Home Depot is eye-catching and makes a great accent piece in a living room or office. It has four extended shelves that hold up to 35 pounds of items each. The metal frame is sturdy with leg pads, making it easy to move around for $130.80.

3. Kendra steel bookcase

Even the most minimalist spaces need a touch of elegance, and this arched bookshelf from Wayfair can add the right amount of contrast and texture to any room. It has a black matte finish frame with five even leveled shelves for $179.99. It would look gorgeous next to a couch or against a narrow wall.

4. Loring Cube Bookcase

We mentioned how bookshelves could make great end tables; this Loring 4 Cube Bookcase is rustic with four large partitions. It's available at Target for $130 and comes in three colors, walnut, vintage oak, and gray, to fit any interior. Place it next to an armchair to make it a focal point.

5. Three-shelf bookcase with doors

If you're looking for added privacy storage in your bookshelf, this bookcase from Walmart has three shelves with extra shelves behind the cabinet for $173. The weathered wood finish is sturdy, and its shelves are adjustable to make room for various height items.

6. Tree bookshelf

Bookshelves are unique when made in different forms outside the typical rectangular shape. This tree bookshelf from Amazon ($72.99) is meant to be used as décor since it probably won't hold your entire book collection, but it's the right opportunity to display your favorite ones. Color code the spines or showcase the pages for a minimalist look.

7. Billy/Oxberg Bookcase

Decorate a mundane corner with this white bookshelf with a glass door. The Billy/Oxberg Bookcase is $114.99 and will keep your books, trinkets, and even dishes from getting dusty, unlike regularly opened bookshelves. It has five adjustable shelves and a narrow frame to fit any small space.

8. Keedy Ladder Bookcase

The Keedy Ladder Bookcase, for $122.99, comes with earthy-toned shelves and metal accents. The backboards prevent books from falling out, and the black metal frame is designed with extra prongs to keep everything inside. It would add character to any industrial-style interior.

9. Barnwood Etagere Bookcase

Utilizing the space behind the couch for a bookshelf can occupy the empty area. This sleek three-tiered bookshelf from Home Depot has ample storage for magazines, books, and plants for $149. The shelves come in a Barnwood smooth finish and an X-shaped detailing on the sides.

10. Carson Narrow Bookcase

The Carson Narrow Bookcase adds extra storage to small rooms, like an at-home office, and it's designed with five adjustable shelves to hold your books, binders, folders, or souvenirs. The gray veneer wood finish is versatile and perfect for a modern room. It's available in five different finishes for $150 at Target.

11. Asymmetrical Snaking Bookcase

The Asymmetrical Snaking Bookcase is made with a contemporary geometric design that would add texture and contrast to a modern-style room for $223. It has four shelves constructed in a white snake outline and four tempered glass panels in each open space. 

12. Mainstays 3-Shelf Bookcase

For a minimalist-style bedroom or living room, stick to furniture pieces that are simple but attractive. The pure white Mainstays Bookcase has three shelves with a closed back to keep items from falling out and is $24.96. The bottom shelf can hold up to 50 pounds, while the other two can hold 35 pounds.

13. Hemnes Bookcase

Most bookshelves come in various solid finishes, but a bold color bookcase could transform any room. This red-stained Hemnes Bookcase is the epitome of a farmhouse furniture piece, but it can also elevate any neutral-themed space if used as an accent décor. It's 77 inches tall with six shelves for $199.99.

14. Stone gray industrial bookshelf

Living rooms, offices, or bedrooms don't have to be the only places to put a bookshelf; an entryway makes a great location to display décor and books. This industrial bookcase from Houzz is $150, and it's designed with four spacious shelves that rest on an X-frame backing and ladder sides.

15. Rotating bookshelf

A rotating bookshelf is as jazzy as a tree bookshelf. This one from Amazon has four shelves for storage and multiple hollow openings that give a peak at what's inside. The bookshelf rotates at 360 degrees and can fit in any corner. For $89.99, it adds character and a warm, inviting feel with the wood finish design.

16. Windham Horizontal Bookcase

Glam up a dull room with vibrant furniture, whether it's maximalist, shabby chic, or farmhouse-style. The Windham Horizontal Bookcase is available in four different shades for $180, and the overcast gray-blue option would liven up any space.

17. 5-shelf corner bookcase

Even the smallest corners can look empty, which can be challenging to decorate. This corner bookcase from Home Depot is 57 inches tall with five shelving units holding a few books or trinkets for $23.82. It's designed with a mix of recycled materials of composite wood and durable plastic that gives a stylish look to any room.

18. Sift Gold 2-Story Tower

If you're looking to display records or magazines and don't need a massive bookshelf, the Sift Gold 2-Story Tower has a couple of shelving cubbies that are ideal for a small area for $99.95. Its metallic iron frame will complement any industrial-style interior with hints of wood and brass features.

19. Distressed Metal Bookcase

Thick metal framed storage units can overwhelm a space, but this Distressed Brown Metal Bookcase adds rustic to any contemporary interior. The five wood finish shelves can hold up to 200 pounds each and sit on sturdy thick gray metal X-frame backing and ladder sides for $179.

20. Clark Five-Shelf Bookcase

The Clark Five-Shelf Bookcase has five wood finish shelves with a contrasting brown steel frame that will give your home a chic urban appearance for $78. Place it next to your desk or the television in the living room for an industrial feel.