Can The Amount Of Burners You Have Really Affect The Feng Shui In Your Kitchen?

The kitchen stove is a crucial component in the practice of feng shui, symbolizing potential wealth. Its purpose in preparing nourishment for your family suggests that an ample supply of burners can increase your opportunities for financial gain and emotional well-being. This applies everywhere from a full-sized range down to smaller countertop units — more burners represent greater potential. And that also means that any broken or malfunctioning units should be repaired promptly so your stove's potential isn't negatively impacted. However, can stoves with a specific number of burners throw off your home's energy?

According to Feng Shui Nexus, since the practice isn't based on numerology, there's no "good" or "bad" number of heating elements for your kitchen stove. This means that whether it possesses an even or odd number of burners, your space can benefit from the positive energy of the fire element. However, if it is compact and lacks numerous heating elements, you can always place a toaster oven, rice cooker, or electric stovetop on your kitchen counter to stoke the flames of good fortune.

With some careful planning and daily practice, you can master the art of balancing between fiery and watery energies in your kitchen. Many people have a favorite burner, but it's ideal to utilize all of them regularly to keep the energy fresh, lively, and strong. Also, remember to clean the stovetop after each use so positive chi can reach your food, raising prosperity levels throughout the home.

Additional stove feng shui tips

What if you have a small kitchen that won't accommodate a stove with ample burners and limited counter space? Some designers recommend placing an angled, heat-proof mirror directly behind the stove to reflect the burners. However, feng shui encourages a balance of the five essential elements — fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. Too much of any element can be detrimental; adding mirrors to reflect the stovetop may double its power and increase the potential for harm. The desire for good luck need not come at such a risk. Instead, place mirrors in your dining room where you will see doubled food rather than flames. Fire can bring warmth and nourishment into our homes or destruction if left unchecked — moderating both is vital to living safely with this powerful force.

It's also essential to recognize that having enough stove burners won't solve all of your kitchen feng shui issues since the stove's placement also matters. For example, if the stove is opposite the sink, it is believed to lead to bickering within the household. But rather than an expensive kitchen makeover, you can redirect the contrasting energies by hanging an eye-catching light fixture between the two. This may help prevent the elements from clashing together. Speaking of light, keeping something alight (such as a night light) at all times to represent fire's warmth is a great way to boost positive energy.