Use TikTok's Toilet Paper Hack To Make Spreading Seeds So Much Easier

One viral TikTok hack has been shown to help fill in lawn patches and grow seeds fast. It involves dissolving some toilet paper into water, mixing seeds in, and putting the mixture in the areas you want to fix. People who have tried it claim they saw results as quickly as a few days. In this TikTok by @seawitchh, she tosses an entire roll into a bucket, fills half of it with water, and pours in her seeds. She mashes it with her hands, the toilet paper disintegrates, and she throws it all over her garden.

The magic behind it seems to be that the material of the toilet paper retains moisture from the water it was soaked in, which helps the seeds grow fast. Newspaper and cotton are some materials that can achieve similar results. If you have a lot of yard space like TikToker @lbhomespiff, know that you will need a lot of toilet paper, and it will take some time to fill in every patch. However, if you have just a few patches, you can fold in just a few layers like Tiktoker @dabzndawgz, whose patches completely grew out five days later.

The smartest way to spread seeds

This hack works because toilet paper retains moisture for the seeds, which is extremely important since that helps them germinate and grow well. When seeds are spread on the ground, they need water to absorb nutrients from the soil, and a lack of moisture can stunt their growth or prevent them from sprouting completely. Before trying this hack, make sure your lawn is moist but not overwatered. Apart from supplying your seeds with a much-needed nutrient, this step grounds them in place and ensures they aren't carried away by wind or unforgiving elements.

To ensure the seeds are distributed evenly on your lawn or garden, use a seed spreader, which is designed for this purpose. You can also opt for a seed tape or make your own using toilet paper. Instead of mixing it all in, place your seeds on strips of toilet paper at the same distance so they are even on the ground. 

Other uses of toilet paper in gardening

Toilet paper can be used in many ways, from the planting process to maintenance. With a few drops of peppermint oil, you can keep a piece of toilet paper around your seeds so mice can't disturb them as they grow. Toilet paper can also be used to wipe the leaves of grown plants to clean them from any dust or dirt.

Even the cardboard in the toilet paper roll can be useful! One way is to keep out slugs, moths, and other pests by placing a roll around the seedling. It can also be made into a small DIY flowerpot to start your seedlings. This is great for plants that are sensitive about being outside or tend to get transplant shock. It can be planted in the ground with no issues because it is biodegradable. Do this by cutting the roll in half and folding one side to create a closed bottom.