The Unexpected Spot In Your Kitchen You Should Be Storing Your Water Bottles

In the kitchen, there are a few unspoken rules about where items are typically stored. For instance, many homeowners organize their utensils in a drawer and keep their small appliances in a lower cabinet. When it comes to reusable water bottles, these are typically kept in an upper cabinet. However, if this applies to you, there are a few reasons why you may want to rethink your current water bottle storage solution, and inside a drawer — while unexpected — may very well be the ideal spot for them.

Maybe your water bottles are too tall to stand upright in the cabinet, or perhaps they're too long to lay horizontally. Another issue you may face is that they could easily fall out of the cabinet and get dented every time you open the cabinet door. Retrieving water bottles from high up could also be difficult for some.

If you're dealing with any of these problems, try storing your water bottles inside a drawer in your kitchen instead. Doing so, you'll never have to worry about your water bottles falling from a tall height or reaching up for them again. Note that this drawer will need to be large enough to store water bottles either vertically or horizontally. Additionally, if they all won't fit in one drawer, either declutter your collection or use multiple drawers.

How to store water bottles vertically in a drawer

Storing your water bottles vertically basically means keeping them upright in a kitchen drawer. Because of this, you'll need to choose a drawer that's deep enough to hold your tallest bottle. One issue you may run across is that your water bottles may tip over when the drawer is opened or closed, especially if there's any extra space. If so, there are a couple products you could purchase to keep them in place.

One option is a pack of water bottle sleeves, which are made out of silicone and will keep all your bottles in place. Another product you could try is a grippy drawer liner, which will do the same thing but may be more convenient. You'll simply cut the material to the right size and place it at the bottom of the drawer. Finally, if the storage space is used for more than just water bottles, separate your items with drawer dividers, which are adjustable to different lengths.

How to store water bottles horizontally in a drawer

If you don't have a kitchen drawer tall enough to store your reusable water bottles vertically, try storing them away horizontally. Those who have enough bottles to fill the entire bottom of a drawer may simply want to place them next to one another. However, while there's no risk of them toppling over, they could still roll around and rattle together. If so, water bottle sleeves or a grippy drawer liner could also be helpful in this instance.

Another option for horizontal drawer storage is to keep all your water bottles in a stackable holder. While these containers can be stored on top of one another for cabinet or counter use, they can also be disassembled and placed along the bottom of a drawer. This will give each bottle its own designated area, so they won't hit one another when the drawer is opened or closed. If you're trying to organize your utensil drawer, these water bottle holders could also be used in that area of the kitchen as well.