How To Keep Birds Out Of Your Garden With This Dollar Store Hack

Being a gardener has its challenges. Not everybody understands what it's like to take care of such a little green world, and for something quite small compared to the world; it can certainly have big challenges. That's why it's important to know all the tricks and latest hacks to give you, the gardener, an edge against all those trying to destroy your plants. Let's start with the most evasive and provocative enemy of the garden; birds. Not all birds, but certain ones, like bullfinches, sparrows, and pigeons, can really do a number on your greenery. The world is not some wildlife buffet; who do these creatures think they are?

We need a new strategy, and this dollar store hack will help you fight back the birds trying to feast on your garden. All you need to start is DIY energy and some supplies. Visit your local dollar store, and if you cannot find them there, a quick search online should point you in the right direction. The shopping list is as follows: a roll of white gardening fabric or bird netting, large binder clips, two hula hoops (per station), and some heavy-duty scissors, all of which will create a large and protective tent.

The DIY hack to fight back and defend your garden

Those birds probably think they're pretty smart, high-flying and all — not on our watch! We're going to give them something they have never seen before. Thankfully, this dollar store hack is quick to assemble and easy to deploy. The first step is to cut the hula hoop and cross them over each other like an 'X' over the garden, planting them about 4 to 6 inches deep. If you have rows of plants, then crossing them over each other is not necessary. Right now, you should have what looks like the skeleton of a tent. Now, take the fabric or netting and drape it over.

Work on one side at a time. Cut the material, allowing it to be a bit longer than you may need, and tuck the ends in at the top before clipping it down onto the bottom and top of the hula hoop. Move to the next side and repeat this until finished. Sounds pretty easy, right? It is. Just be sure to have the right amount of materials because you don't want to be running back to the store, giving those birds one more chance at their pillage. Try to buy more supplies than you'll think you need.

Mercy for the birds

This was a good fight, and there is nothing wrong with showing a little mercy for the hungry birds. Maybe look for some bird feeders to put around. After all, birds aren't hideous things; they are marvelous creatures. There are several benefits to having a birdfeeder. Implementing one around your garden can give you that peace of mind to enjoy their beauty and sweet song. Providing a wild mix of nuts and seeds in the feeder will distract them from getting into your structure. 

If you ever feel like you need some more backup, find some toys that resemble predators from the dollar store and place them around your garden. This is really starting to really feel like a battlefield, but it works! Another great option for keeping birds out of your garden is by creating a similar protective tent but with butterfly netting. This tactic is particularly unique as you can find options resistant to UV rays, protecting themselves from sun damage. Without a doubt, a little goes a long way in the care and maintenance of a garden. The battles can get tiresome after a while, but with the right tricks and strategies, you may never have to fight another one again. Celebrate this victory. Celebrate your garden, for it is one of peace, prosperity, and a wonderful world of biodiversity.