A Design Expert Has One Unique Tip For Elevating Your IKEA Billy Bookcase

Building a statement wall piece can transform your place and take it to higher levels. But being able to do it by yourself and make it look like a pro's job is something we all want when it comes to a DIY house decor project. Additionally, it's even better if you can save money by hacking your decor plan with some $49 IKEA Billy bookcases and millwork.

According to LifeSavvy, "every five seconds, a Billy Bookcase sells from the Swedish retailer," and with good reason! The beloved, practical bookcase sold by IKEA is good-looking and versatile, and you can build them in a breeze. It allows you to modify its layout, change its shelves, and adapt it to your liking, making it one of the must-buy IKEA products. Here's how to take advantage of the unique tip from Eneia White — a New York interior designer — that can elevate any simple Billy bookcase into a decor masterpiece.

How to achieve the look

Eneia White — from Eneia White Interiors in NYC — uses millwork to take a set of Billy bookcases to new levels. As she told Realtor.com, "Typically, built-in millwork elevates the overall aesthetic of any space, but it can be a costly expense." However, if you take a trip to your local hardware store to buy some molding profiles, you can keep your expenses as low as possible.

To achieve this high-end look using molding profiles and Billy bookcases, you'll need to mount the bookcases to the wall first — choose a layout that fits your style, considering the number of shelves you want. Then, get some molding profiles for the base, sides, and crown of the bookshelves, and install them to close any gaps between the bookcases and the corners of the wall. After that, apply any color you like to complete your statement wall or leave it white for an elegant, high-end look — you won't regret it.

Other Billy bookcase applications

People love how easy it is to hack and transform a Billy bookcase. Whether you would like to use it as a kitchen dresser, a cabinet for the kids' toys, or to build a statement wall-to-wall library like Eneia White did, this Billy product series offers endless opportunities for you to try. If you have an empty corner to revamp, the narrow $160 Billy bookcases may do the trick to build your own chic library. 

But if your kids lack the space to store some toys or want to make a doll house for them, the $49 Billy bookcase will work wonders for that — just paint the different rooms with varying colors and add some decor to finish the project. Additionally, you can use the $279 IKEA Billy bookcase to build a chic closet for extra storage. 

Remember that if you play with the textures of the materials and have fun with this staple IKEA product, you can transform any room of your house and get lots of different solutions — without breaking the bank too much.