These Viral Curtain Alternatives Offer Chic Solutions That Won't Break The Bank

If you want a curtain-style covering for your windows but also want to cut costs, you'll be happy to know that some simple items in your home can serve this purpose. Lace fabrics, burlap sacks, and macramé, for example, make for easy, cheap window coverings while tablecloths, shower curtains, and bedsheets are some more chic curtain alternatives that'll be less obvious. As seen in this TikTok, such creative DIY curtains can adorn any room, from the living room to the home office.

There are many interesting options for window coverings. Different types of shades, blinds, screens, and shutters can come to your rescue if you need a temporary solution or want to cover an extra window without spending too much. Another affordable approach, however, is to repurpose various fabric items, such as sheets, into newly designed curtains. In fact, certain fabrics can even improve your home's temperature by blocking sunlight in the summer and trapping heat in the winter.

How to recreate the look

To create your new DIY curtains, start by measuring the height and width of your window to determine the size of the material needed. This measurement should be a bit longer than the window itself so you have more than enough coverage. It's also always a good idea to cut more than you might need, as you can always cut the fabric down to size at a later time (rather than deal with an initial cut that's too short).

If using shower curtains for this hack, then you're all set. For tablecloths and sheets, however, you'll need to clip your curtain rings on top of the material. Note that the number of clips you add will correspond to the number of pleats in your curtain panel; your pleats will be one fewer than the number of clips you add. For example, eight clips will create seven pleats.

Remember to iron your fabrics before hanging them so they look crisp. Also, to get the best out of these curtain alternatives, get materials that match your décor closely and consider layering pieces to create a fuller look. Adding custom pleats to the top of the fabric is another way to create curtain fullness.

Customizing your curtain alternatives

You can also hang your DIY tablecloth or sheet curtains by creating a rod pocket. Simply fold over the fabric at the top, making the opening just big enough for a curtain rod to fit, and then secure it with either adhesive or thread. Alternatively, you could also open up an existing hem with a seam ripper and sew up the ends after.

As for choosing an alternative curtain material, one trick to guide your selection is to look for curtains you like and seek out similar styles in the form of shower curtains or sheets. The tablecloth, bedding, and bath sections at retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon offer many options and you can see what's on sale. One chic material to consider is linen or a linen blend. Linen is durable and won't fade or wrinkle easily, which is necessary for a window covering. Fabric shower curtains instead of the traditional vinyl or plastic type might be better for this purpose.

Another great thing about using tablecloths or shower curtains for windows is that they're typically wider than normal curtains, which means you get more material for the amount you buy. If your choice of material is light, note that it might not block the sun fully and you will need to buy a blackout lining or shutters like in the TikTok.