Remove Deodorant Stains From Your Clothes With One Wardrobe Essential

Deodorant stains on garments are a frequent annoyance, but several practical solutions exist to tackle them. Interestingly, tights can serve as an efficient tool for this purpose. When gently scrubbed against the stain, tights can lift it without harming the fabric. The root of these stains lies in the reaction between deodorant ingredients, especially those in antiperspirants and sweat. This reaction forms a residue on clothes, leading to discoloration and a stiff texture over time. Clothes that fit snugly can further intensify the transfer of deodorant, making them more susceptible to stains.

To avoid this, let your deodorant dry thoroughly before dressing, and be sure to wash light-colored items immediately after use. Overall, while deodorant stains can be annoying, they are fixable. Techniques like using tights or nylon stockings can effectively combat them. Integrating these methods into your care routine ensures your clothes remain vibrant and free from unsightly marks.

How to use tights to remove deodorant stains

Tights can be used as a helpful tool to combat pesky deodorant stains in a few easy steps. First, find a clean pair of tights and gently rub them over the stained area. The tights' unique texture aids in extracting the stain without harming the fabric. Use circular motions while using the tights, similar to what is shown in the TikTok video by @cnnunderscored. This motion aids in dislodging the deodorant remnants, facilitating their removal. For tougher stains, persist with the rubbing technique until the stain vanishes.

The slightly coarse texture of the tights acts as a mild abrasive, effectively scrubbing off the deodorant residue. The texture of the tights, combined with the rubbing action, helps disintegrate and lift the stain from the fabric's fibers. However, this method's efficacy might vary based on the fabric type. It's a good idea to first try this technique on a discreet section of the clothing to ensure it neither damages nor discolors the material.