The Secret To Easily Moving Heavy Furniture Is In Your Refrigerator

Furniture is expensive enough. You don't want to have to waste more money on supplies to protect your floors when lugging pieces into the perfect spot, or from everyday wear and tear. But you also don't want to destroy your floors in the process. Scuffed floors and damaged rugs can make your home look worn out and unkempt. The good news is that you already have a cost-free solution in your refrigerator. Just hang on to your old orange juice caps and milk jugs.

Both items can be placed on the legs of your furniture to prevent scuffs, nicks, and scratches when the item is moved. These pieces of plastic will help your furniture to effortlessly glide across carpets, wood, and even vinyl surfaces. Not only will this hack save you money by not having to purchase furniture protectors, but it's also keeping a little bit of plastic out of landfills and eliminating carbon emissions created in the recycling process. 

Using orange juice caps under your chairs

Sliding chairs across your floors can quickly result in scratched, scuffed flooring, especially if the bottoms of the legs are rough or uneven. Certain flooring types, such as laminate floors, are more sensitive to scratches than others. Orange juice bottle caps can help with that! But you'll need specific ones. We're talking about those large screwtops caps found on plastic bottles of OJ. The caps from cartons and jugs won't work for this hack. 

The caps you'll need are typically the same width as the neck of the bottle. These caps fit perfectly under the feet of your chair. You'll need four of them for this hack. Just place an orange juice cap under each leg of your chair. Now, when your chair moves across the floor it will slide a lot easier and won't scratch the floor. You can even glue a piece of felt on the top of the cap for extra protection and ease of movement.

Use milk jugs to move furniture

Just because you can drag your furniture across the carpet doesn't mean it's a smart idea. You could be pulling out or misshaping carpet threads in the process, creating permanent damage. You also run the risk of breaking or loosening the legs on your furniture, which can cost you a pretty penny to repair. This DIY solution allows you to make perfectly effective moving pads with milk jugs that will protect both your carpet and furniture.

You'll need four milk jugs and a scissor or a utility knife for this hack. Use your cutting tool to slice off the ends of your milk jugs below the handle. Place one underneath each leg of the piece of furniture you want to move. The smooth plastic bottom of the jugs will allow your furniture to easily slide across your carpet without damaging it or the furniture. This hack works the same way as those moving disks that you can buy, except that these are free!