Christina Hall Weighed In On HGTV-Approved Shiplap - Is It Dated Or Still In?

If you like to stay on top of home decor trends, one recent debate you might be privy to is whether shiplap is going out of style or not. While some are arguing that the planks are at the end of their run, other designers say there's still a place for it. One of those designers is HGTV's Christina Hall, who views the white planks as timeless and versatile. While Christina's signature style is very contemporary and sleek, the color white is in her wheelhouse, and she's here to stay with the signature white planks.

She notes that shiplap planks have their place in coastal homes and rustic aesthetics, but they can be used for much more. Shiplap is great for adding texture to any room, since the planks create an overlapping look and they're made from wood. Wood alone adds texture due to its grain, but opting for shiplap planks instead of keeping the wall bare adds another dimension.

How to modernize shiplap

It's no secret that white makes a room look fresh, but if you're not into the farmhouse design, you can still include these boards in your home for a clean, contemporary style. And, news-flash, the planks don't have to stay white! Modern homes that want to keep a modern design can use the shiplap for texture and aesthetic style, but turn the planks to be vertical instead of horizontal.

Another way to modernize shiplap in your home is to think of it as simply wall paneling and nothing more. This style of wall paneling is universal and can be dressed up to pair with modern artwork, or statement wall sconces, to highlight your aesthetic. Plus, you can dress it up further for a fresher look by painting the panels a color of your choice. This adds your personality to the room, instead of relying on the panels as they are to convey your taste.