Attract Birds To Your Yard With This Clever Tree Stump Hack

Losing a tree, especially an old and majestic one, in your yard may be a travesty, but there is an excellent DIY project that can make use of any unsightly stump still in the ground. Many homeowners and gardeners are turning old stumps into stylish bird baths. Adding a dish or vessel to the top, thus creating a perfect spot for birds and other creatures to drink and bathe, brings lots of benefits to your outdoor space.

Whatever the size and location of the stump in your yard, you can make it into a bird spa by adding a vessel for water on top of it and filling it regularly. The stump not only supplies a base that looks like a natural part of the landscape, but can also provide a resting spot for its visitors. You can use it as the centerpiece of a small garden vignette by planting around it, adding other garden decors, and surrounding it with mulch or pebbles.

Creating a stump bird bath

While the size of the container will vary according to the width of your stump, perfect vessels include old bowls, antique washbasins, recycled bowls from old pedestal bird baths, serving trays, or flat terra cotta planter bases. You can also add small stones to decorate and add weight to the bowl to prevent it from blowing over when the water is low. Alternatively, bolt the bowl directly to the stump for even more stability by drilling directly through the bottom of the bowl and into the wood.

While the best location to attract birds is a shady spot, you can also surround the stump with taller plants to keep it out of the heat of the sun during the day, which will also help prevent algae growth. Add a solar-powered fountain to both attract more birds and add a calming, bubbling sound to the garden. Moving water is also less likely to host bacteria and mosquito larvae, keeping your yard pest-free. Because the bowl of the feeder can be removed, it is easy to move to other areas of the yard to keep it clean and inviting for wildlife.