Don't Overlook This Sneaky Spot For Bonus Bathroom Storage

We all dream of having a massive luxurious bathroom in our homes where we have the ultimate storage to hold everything we need and don't need. But, sometimes, we don't get everything we want, so we have to work with what we have, which is small bathroom space. It can be frustrating figuring out where to place all of your necessities without creating a cluttered mess. While folks often add more storage to the bathroom with extra shelves on the wall or over-the-toilet storage, one sneaky spot gets overlooked—the space above the door. Adding a bookshelf above the doorframe gives you an extra place to store cleaning supplies, towels, or toilet paper.

Even though bookshelves are used to store books and small knickknacks, they have the potential to store more than those items. However, keeping single shelves light is vital since they usually can't hold much weight. Adding a shelf above the door frees up some space in the cabinet underneath the sink, where you can put other bathroom-related items. You can DIY your own bathroom shelf with wooden planks or buy different styles from retailers that offer options like Ikea's BERGSHULT/ GRANHULT Wall Shelf, which can hold up to 22 pounds. Before installing, there are a few things you'll need to consider to ensure your bathroom can handle holding the shelf.

Ensure there's enough room above the doorframe

The most vital thing to consider before installing a bookshelf above your doorframe is making sure there's enough space between the ceiling and the door for items to fit. While installing the shelf is easy, it won't benefit you or your bathroom if there isn't enough space to put anything on top without scraping the ceiling or laying it on its side. Measure the area between the ceiling, the doorframe, and the shelf's thickness before installing it. If you plan to use it for simple items like toilet paper and towels, you're likely in the clear.

On the other hand, this shelving hack is ideal for folks who are tall enough to reach the items on the shelf. However, if you're not taller, you can use a step stool to grab anything you need — as long as you're okay with storing the stool in your bathroom. Foldable stools fit between any narrow space and underneath most sinks' cabinets.

When you're installing the shelf, you want it to be as secure as possible. Any loose nails can wear out over time and cause the shelf to fall, especially with heavy items on it. The bookshelf should be properly screwed into the wall to prevent it from falling on the floor or on anyone who walks in to use the bathroom.