Attract More Birds To Your Yard With This Genius Feeder Buffet Hack

In "Feed the Birds," Mary Poppins sang, "Come feed the little birds, show them you care / And you'll be glad if you do." Birds: charming visitors that can turn any backyard into a prime spot for birdwatching. And one of the best ways to bring birds to your yard for your own nature show — and to show them you care — is to offer them tasty seeds. As for where to make that bird food available to your new backyard avian friends, consider this genius hack, which turns a regular muffin tin into a fun, DIY bird feeder.

For this hack, courtesy of @lacy.arrowsmith on Instagram, you will need a muffin tin, some twine, scissors, and, of course, birdseed. You'll also need a power drill to drill holes into the tin for drainage, to stave off mold development. Once completed, you can hang your DIY muffin-tin feeder from a tree branch or pole, like a shepherd's hook. What's more, you could craft this feeder in mere minutes, allowing you to get to birdwatching ASAP.

How to create a welcoming buffet birds will love

This DIY bird feeder requires very few materials. The muffin tin (with six cups), which can be new, thrifted, or old and repurposed, will serve as both a feeder and a landing spot. The twine will securely hold the tin and hang it from a tree. As for the twine, cut four strips measuring 2 ½ feet long. If you can't measure this precisely, aim for a length about three times the length of the tin.

Next, choose a drill bit large enough for drainage, but smaller than the birdseed, into the bottom of each muffin cup. Then, turn the muffin tin upside down and align two pieces of twine vertically in between the cup rows. Place another piece of twine horizontally between the first and second rows of cups. Repeat this step and add the final piece of twine between the second and third rows. For larger muffin tins, you may need more horizontal rows of twine for stability. You can also add tape in the middle where the twine crosses for extra security.

Once done, flip the tin over and gather the twine for hanging. Tie the loose ends around a branch or hook to support your new bird buffet. Lastly, fill the feeder with your choice of bird food. Note that if you're looking to attract certain bird species, consider researching what seeds, fruits, or nuts different bird species prefer. For example, cardinals love safflower and sunflower seeds.