The Best Way To Revive A Moldy Baseball Cap

Although it may be unpleasant to think about let alone have to deal with, there are various types of mold that can make their way into your home. It can affect various areas and objects, including clothing such as baseball caps. 

When things get warm and you heat up, you might end up sweating while wearing a hat. Or, it might be your spouse, little ones, or roommate who has come home with a dirty, stinky baseball cap. In any case, mold spores can grow, and the area around the headband, in particular, provides the ideal environment for them to thrive. When this happens, it can be difficult to get rid of the mold which can actually be bad for your health, leading to skin irritation, congestion, or even an attack in those who experience asthma, per NSW Health. And honestly, who wants to wear a moldy hat on their head? Yuck!

Fortunately, there are also easy and effective ways to clean mold. For instance, you could take advantage of one way that only requires lemon juice, salt, water, and a bit of sunshine. If you follow each tip, then you'll both get rid of the mold and be able to save your hat from the trash.

Clean a moldy hat with a few supplies and steps

Although a moldy hat is unpleasant, the good news is that it just takes a few simple steps to fix this particular problem. First, grab yourself a bowl that's big enough to fit the hat as you'll want it to be fully submerged. Add lemon juice, salt, and cold water into the bowl and mix them up. Next, take the cap and place it in the bowl. Make sure that the water completely covers the hat and you give the hat time to really soak up the mixture. When the cap is sopping, take it out of the bowl and place it in a spot where it will be able to dry in the sunshine. This last step is just as important as the others due to the fact that the sun's rays will destroy the mold spores.

If you still detect a hint of mold or the associated smell, then you can take one more step. Pick up some super-strong disinfectant wipes and isopropyl alcohol. You'll also want to put on a mask and wear gloves to protect yourself while you use the wipes and alcohol to clean up the areas where the mold spores might be hanging on. Give the hat plenty of time to dry and perhaps wipe away any excess alcohol before wearing the now-clean cap.