Keep Produce Fresh And Organized With This Genius IKEA TRONES Hack

While many of us think of shoe storage cabinets as being handy for storing shoes, it turns out that they can double up as nifty kitchen storage in practically any space. If you're looking to organize your kitchen or want some extra storage space in a small kitchen, then an IKEA TRONES, as shown by @cindyypersaud on TikTok, could be just what you're looking for. Rather than mixing up or shoving food or other kitchen items into random cupboards, you can use this versatile shoe storage cabinet to store any produce or kitchen items that you don't otherwise have space for. 

Even better, it's also a good time saver as you won't have to spend as much time looking for what you need or hunting through other places. As a result, you'll find that you can be better organized. You should be able to easily slot this anywhere and attach it to your wall if you want to. This makes it perfect if you're working in a small space and don't have anywhere to put it but need the extra room. But how can you utilize it in your own space?

Decide where you want to put it

For this hack, you'll need a TRONES for $39.99 from IKEA. It's available in white, but you can always get a black or gray version to match your interior for the same price. You'll also need a drill and some screws if you're planning on attaching it to your wall. First, you need to plan out where to place your storage cabinet. For example, you may want to slot it into a gap in your kitchen or attach it to your wall. If you do want to attach it to your wall, you can do so with your drill and screws by following the instructions. It also works on top or underneath your kitchen counter.

Once your TRONES is nice and secure, you can store whatever you want in it. For example, you could use it to organize your food into categories or use it to store potatoes and onions, due to the lack of light when the cabinets are closed. Tinned fruit, dried fruits, bread, garlic, and even bananas would keep well inside this cabinet. Storing various snacks, such as biscuits, sweets, or other easy-to-reach treats, also works, which makes it perfect if you have several people in one household who enjoy snacking. Likewise, keys or recipe books could also slot in there so they're easy to access when you're cooking. Or store your miscellaneous items, such as shopping bags or larger pots in your TRONES. 

You can adapt it to your needs

If you're looking to integrate more storage into your kitchen, you have the option to use the top drawer to store cutlery or implement some storage boxes for as little as $6.99 from Walmart to fit more in. As a result, you should be able to fit even more items in your storage bin while maintaining a high level of organization. Or you may opt for ones with lids if you feel items could fall out. This will prevent mixing products when you close the drawers and help food such as biscuits to last longer. You could also add labels to each storage bin to easily track what's in there and help you navigate around your kitchen more efficiently. 

The reason that this hack works so well is that it provides plenty of storage space while being able to slot anywhere in your kitchen (even if it's a small space). This makes it a simple way to keep things tidy and easy to locate as a result. However, make sure you don't store any products that require refrigeration, such as milk or yogurt, as it won't be cold enough.