The Crown Molding DIY That Will Add A Warm Glow To Any Room In Your House

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Light may not always seem like a big deal when it comes to your home's overall interior design; however, stylish and creative lighting can totally change the ambience of a room. Granted, just because you acknowledge how important it can be doesn't mean that you have the skill, time, or budget to upgrade your lighting. That's why you might want to take advantage of a clever DIY idea that was posted on TikTok by @experimentingwithdecor, which sees the pair pop lighting above their crown molding to create a stunning effect that you may want in your own home. Although that may sound a little complicated, it honestly couldn't be any easier, and we can assure you that the resulting warm glow is worth the relatively minimal amount of effort.

To achieve this setup yourself, you'll need pre-made crown molding as well as whatever you might normally use to affix it to your walls such as nails, screws, or hardcore glue. You'll typically put the crown molding up as you would in any other circumstance. However, don't attach it to the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling, but keep it a few inches down. In some cases, you may have to turn the molding upside down — however you would do it if you were intending to display items on your crown molding. But, in this case, you'll be using the space above to tuck in a row of slim LED lighting. Once you've done just that, turn on your lights and enjoy the glow.

Crown molding lighting can be fabulously affordable

Along with the fact that this DIY lighting project is pretty darn quick and easy to tackle, it's also quite affordable. Strip lighting can be found at most hardware or home decor stores as well as online. That includes the Commercial Electric 16-foot LED tunable white tape light kit from Home Depot that costs $59.97 and simply needs to be stuck in place. How easy is that? Or, there's the CT Capertronix warm white LED strip light that gives off a soft glow and only costs $16.99 on Amazon, which will certainly help keep the cost of this project down.

While you're picking up your new lighting, you may be able to find crown molding in the same place, as crown molding is also available at most home improvement stores just like the lighting options. For instance, Home Depot sells the elegant Ekena Millwork polyurethane rose crown molding, which will cost DIYers $41.80 per piece. Or, there's the timeless-looking American Pro Decor pro pack of unfinished, recycled polystyrene crown molding, also at Home Depot, which sells for $118 per package. In fact, there are plenty of other choices that might pique your interest and truly let you customize this fabulous home improvement project.

Get creative with your DIY crown molding lighting

When you imagine putting this DIY project to good use, you might be charmed by the steady warm yellow glow that the strips of recessed lighting can produce. But, you don't have to be limited to that one kind of lighting. Instead, get a little creative and you may end up with something unexpected and totally enviable. For instance, why not try out the wireless USB rechargeable, motion sensor lights from Lepotec on Amazon that come in a bright white light or soft warm light and are simply meant to be stuck onto whatever surface you've chosen. You can use these lights anywhere — under cabinets, behind your TV, around shelving, and more. The motion sensor is a perk that means you won't be wasting energy with lights that are on when no one is around.

You could also opt for strip lighting that offers you different modes and colors. Just take a look at the Tenmiro LED lights on Amazon that not only boast a range of vibrant shades but also can be controlled by an app, come with a remote, and can even sync up to your music. Each color could help set a different mood in a room. Beyond that, one benefit of this particular setup is that if you don't like how the lights turn out, then you can easily adjust them or switch them up as often as you'd like. However you choose to use it, this simple DIY will brighten up any room of your home.