Why Your Drab Laundry Room Is Hurting Your Home's Resale Value (& How To Fix It)

Living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are the main parts of the home so it's natural that they get a lot of focus when decorating. The home's value relies heavily on these spaces and their ability to win over prospective buyers. This doesn't mean the rest of the home should be forgotten, however, because all the rooms need to share a cohesive look. You might not think of it as much, but your laundry room is one of those spaces that can affect your home's resale value. If it is drab, unpleasant to be in, or boring, it will take away from the home's overall appeal. Address this by doing all you can to improve the style and organization so it can win over whoever steps in it.

Potential buyers often go for properties that are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of their size and function, all rooms need to leave them with positive impressions so they feel excited about moving in and using that space. Update your drab laundry room to achieve this by upgrading the appliances, storage solutions, and overall style.

Organization and functionality

One way to fix this problem is to upgrade the appliances like the washing machine, dryer, and sink. Old, worn appliances can be a major turn-off for potential buyers because they see it as an additional cost for them to get new ones. They prefer to see newer, better-functioning models that are stylish and energy-efficient. Proper storage and organization are also key because a room that lacks this will feel poorly designed and inefficient. Address this by getting wall shelves, cabinets, tables, wall hooks, baskets, bins, and whatever is needed to organize the room while enhancing the process of doing laundry.

As you get new appliances and storage solutions, make sure they work in the space. Even if the laundry room has all the right things, it will still leave a negative impression if the items aren't functional and if the space doesn't look right. This is especially important for small rooms because they can easily feel impractical and more of a liability that the new owner needs to redesign. Avoid this by opting for custom cabinets and using space-saving appliances and cabinets that will maximize the available space. The Joseph Joseph foldable ironing board sold by Amazon is one tool to consider. It is compact with a slim design and a compartment for an iron when you put it away. It costs $82.

Style and decor

A drab room means the space is forgettable and uninteresting, so combat that in your laundry room by incorporating color and texture in ways that draw the attention of anyone who walks in. The first thing to consider is giving the room a fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral color like a soft yellow or blue. This will make it appear brighter, more inviting, and even bigger. You should also improve the lighting if it is currently dull or harsh because that's a big part of the ambiance. A laundry room needs proper lighting, especially in the form of natural light if possible.

Now you can decorate. Consider getting wall shelves or storage bins in creative designs that add some character to the space. IKEA's BOAXEL is a sleek, wall-mounted storage system that combines all the different types of racks and shelves you might need. It costs $164. You can also add nice curtains to the windows and comfy rugs on the floor. The two by six foot version of this faux fur non-slip rug from Target can provide a soft, secure cushion for your feet while standing in the laundry room, priced at $72. A beautiful, bright plant is another thing you can easily add to bring some life into the space.