8 Underrated IKEA Items You Should Stop Overlooking, According To TikTok Design Experts

If you've ever gone down the rabbit hole of interior design on TikTok, it's almost certain you've stumbled upon what is affectionately known as #IkeaTok. In this cozy corner of social media, you can find content about the Swedish retailer's sprawling inventory of items for every room. Video formats range from wordless product hauls to the more detailed "This, Not That, IKEA" where creators will suggest what items are worth your time and money, and those which are unequivocally, not. 

IkeaTok brings together the commentary of everyday people, devoted DIYers, and bonafide interior designers, alike. But for this roundup, we pulled from the reviews and recommendations of the latter group, design experts who also create content. Then, we weighed them against the reviews from real customers on the company's website. Read on to see which IKEA home decor and furniture items get the seal of approval from these TikTok users!

BESTA storage cabinet

IKEA has seemingly endless options when it comes to storage. Different ranges, like the KALLAX and PAX offer affordable, customizable storage. But on IkeaTok, creators can't stop talking about the BESTA cabinets. Interior designer Carmen Javier, @carmenjavierco on TikTok, raves, "Either mount it to the wall, I have it on the floor, there's so many configurations...and as you grow and move into a larger space, you can add on additional cabinet modules. That's what I did, and it's lasted with me almost eight years now." 

With a 4.6-star average rating on IKEA's website, it's clear that other customers have picked up on Besta's versatility. Plus, it's a closed storage system, which makes it excellent for tucking away items you may not want out in the open. With a minimal design, different sizes, and varied combinations you can create the look or configuration your space requires. 

You can mount three units to the wall side-by-side to create dramatic yet budget-friendly floating storage for a sideboard or media console. For the reading nook of your dreams, nestle one under a window and add a comfy seat. The various finishes offer neutral looks that can be styled to play well in most spaces. However, if you have it in your budget, you might consider customizing yours. Third parties like Fronteriers, offer designer-caliber doors and panels to fit the units.


If you're in the market for a stylish, well-priced sofa, try the BACKSÄLEN on for size. Interior designer and founder of Tropica Miami, Mariella Tzakis, @mariella_tzakis, notes that compared to the top-selling UPPLAND sofa, the BACKSÄLEN "is more structured, looks more contemporary, and looks much more expensive even though it's actually cheaper." 

It's true. The UPPLAND loveseat goes for $749.00, while the BACKSÄLEN two-seater will run you $699.00. Go ahead and use that saved $50 to style your new couch! The neutral linen cover is a blank slate to express your personality, so don't underestimate the power of a throw blanket and some decorative pillows.

Beyond being affordable and versatile, five-star reviews on IKEA's website remark on the impressive quality and stability of the frame, the high back, deep seats, and the sleek silhouette. Others note the pet-friendly ability to remove and wash the cushion and frame covers. Another great feature of the sofa is what lies underneath. The couch has a 6.5-inch clearance from the floor, covered by a skirt. Slide a few shallow bins like the SAMLA underneath to create covert storage, and enjoy the BACKSÄLEN's practical, chic design.

VÅGHÖJD floor lamp

To transform the vibe of your space with soft lighting, Marco Zamora recommends the VÅGHÖJD LED floor lamp. Added to IKEA's collection earlier this year, the piece boasts a 90-inch counterweighted, moveable arm. The content creator praises both the modern look and the functionality. The designer explains, "This IKEA lamp is perfect for those that have an open concept living room and dining room that's attached because then you can swing it from your living room to your dining room." 

One reviewer corroborated that the lamp worked perfectly this way in their duplex's combined spaces and others commented that it's well-made and sturdy. However, others remark that it is heavy to the point of being cumbersome, and the design of the long arm makes it unstable when repositioning. If you have small children or rambunctious pets in your home, these mixed reviews may be worth considering. 

However, other features would make the VÅGHÖJD an underrated standout for most. Besides swinging from side to side, the striking arm can be lowered and raised vertically and the lamp head rotates independently. These capabilities make it great to use in a space where you want to cast light from overhead, either directly downward or bounced off the ceiling for a diffused effect. Did we mention the long-lasting LED light is also dimmable? The sleek lamp is a directional lighting superstar, not to be overlooked.

RIBBA frame

Frames for art or photos can be notoriously expensive home decor purchases. But, the experts on TikTok sing the praises of the RIBBA frames at IKEA. Interior Designer Nick Lewis, @nicktalksdesign, emphasizes that "these are really cost-effective, sleek, and minimal. I just love them." 

Reviewers agree. With over 1,700 reviews with an average rating of over 4 stars, the item is consistently described by buyers as a cheap frame with an expensive look. Available in a variety of sizes and at a low price point the frames would be an excellent choice to buy in bulk for a gallery wall. Whether you use multiple frames in one size for hanging photos or an assortment of sizes to show off your flea market art print collection, you really can't go wrong. 

Some reviews note that the Ribba's hanging hardware does not sit flush with the frame, which can make it tricky to mount. Others also note that hanging the frame at only one point can cause it to bow. To remedy both of these issues, use long nails, one in the middle for the hanger, and two placed behind both top corners of the frame itself to better distribute the weight. Or, simply use Command Strips evenly spaced on the frame's edges to securely mount it.

HÅLLBAR pull-out frame

Free up some kitchen floor space and tuck your garbage bins out of sight with the well-reviewed HÅLLBAR pull-out frame. TikTok creator and interior designer Kristen McGowan, @kristenmcgowan, considers this item an IKEA hidden gem, explaining, "Something you'll see a lot of in custom kitchens are roll-out garbage drawers. These are so convenient to have but not every kitchen has that built into it. So, you can actually create the exact same experience right underneath your sink using this roll-out garbage and recycling frame." 

The HÅLLBAR has a 4.6-star average rating, with many reviews touting its easy installation. Some users praise the frame for its compact size, but others express the desire for a larger version that holds bigger bins and more garbage. Right now, IKEA only offers compatible bins ranging from three to nine gallons. So if you have an even larger under-sink space, you may not be maximizing its use. But for apartment dwellers or those with small storage spaces, the pull-out frame system is a convenient option. You can also try using the item for other household items, beyond trash and recycling. If you have deep cabinets, try installing the unit and using the bins to easily keep things like spare paper towel rolls or cleaning supplies at arm's length.

EKET cube

A more streamlined design alternative to the popular KALLAX unit, the EKET cube is another modular item that can be configured in several ways. Interior design consultant Phoenix Grey, @mrphoenixgrey, says in a TikTok roundup of IKEA items, "So, the EKET is another one of my favorite pieces because, once again, it is so customizable to your space. The color, the style, the possibilities are endless...They can really make a beautiful display for your home and they're great for storage as well."

With the multitude of color options offered, you can get creative with the EKET, creating unique and playful arrangements that are unique to your home. You can use a single cube as a shelf to showcase beloved knick-knacks, mount several together on your kitchen wall for stylish storage, or even stack them from the floor to create a multi-colored, geometric bookshelf. IKEA sells affordable connection hardware to keep combinations of units together, suspension rails for wall mounting, and legs or adjustable feet for when you choose to keep them on the floor. 


This may technically be two items, but the HOLMSTA chair frame and the FRÖKNABO cushions are a combination you won't want to separate. If you are looking to infuse your space with a timeless piece consider trying this armchair. New York-based interior designer Adnan Anwar, @adnananwardesign, describes the HOLMSTA/FRÖKNABO saying, "This is a great piece of rattan. In-person, it's not too warm and yellow, which I like about it. And, you can take it a lot of different directions aesthetically...If you wanna go more modern, you can leave it alone. If you're preppy, you can put a blue and white pillow on it. And if you're boho, you can cover it in a block print throw."

Sitting at a 5-star average rating, the armchair is reviewed as lightweight and comfortable. The frame is constructed from sturdy natural materials of bamboo and acacia wood, as well as the very stylish handwoven rattan — an enduring trend in furniture design. Interior Designer Robert McKinley, founder of Studio Robert McKinley, tells Vogue, "I think there is something very comfortable and easy about the material. I think people are looking for things that are not fussy or overthought, and they are attracted to how effortless rattan can be...It connects people to nature while still feeling special and refined." From its classic look to its thoughtful construction, there is all the more reason to bring this timeless chair into your home.

FÄRGKLAR dinnerware set

A reliable collection of plates and bowls is a must-have for any kitchen. And luxury interior designer Bilal Rehman (@bilalrehmanstudio) has strong feelings when it comes to choosing the FÄRGKLAR collection as your dinnerware hero instead of the IKEA 365+ basics. Rehman insists, "[The FÄRGKLAR] come in fun colors, they have a better silhouette to them. They have more weight to them as well, which makes them feel a little bit higher end. And honestly, you're getting a lot more bang for your buck with this." 

At $49.99 for an 18-piece set, compared to the same number of IKEA 365+ pieces for $59.99, you can afford to eat your meals at home in style. Reviews of the FÄRGKLAR highlight that buyers love the color selection and how the pieces fit well in the dishwasher. The glazed stoneware is certainly attractive enough to stand on its own, but adaptable enough to mix and match well with other dinnerware you may already own. That being said, if you can't get enough, you can always expand your FÄRGKLAR collection. Sold separately from the set, IKEA offers the line's beloved deep plates, perfectly designed for enjoying well-sauced pasta.