TikTok Shows Us A Brilliant Way To Keep Large Garden Tools Organized

If you like to make the most of your shed, then you likely appreciate finding ways to pack in as much as possible while also keeping it tidy. That might include keeping your essential gardening tools neat and in a spot that makes it easy to grab them when needed. In order to do just that, you might want to take a tip from TikTok user @_michelle_my_bell, who decided to repurpose a wooden pallet to keep their large garden tools organized.

In the video, @_michelle_my_bell shares a glimpse inside her shed. A plain wooden pallet can be seen set up against a wall. Placed vertically, it fits snuggly on one side. If you want to do the same and make sure that your pallet remains secured in place, use a few screws and attach it to the support beams in your shed. When that's finished, you can place rakes, shovels, and other large gardening tools into the open space between the wooden panels of the pallet and the wall. You can leave it at that, or you could take a few more steps to make this piece work perfectly for your needs.

Customize your garden tool pallet

Although this handy hack may pique your interest due to the fact that it's so simple to set up, there are a few other things that can make it even more useful. On top of that, you can do one or two things to make it fit into the interior look of your shed. TikTok user @_michelle_my_bell left the wooden panels of her pallet bare and untreated. Before you install your pallet against the wall, you may want to sand and stain the wood or even paint it to make it a little more attractive. You can get a waterproof wood stain and sealant at Home Depot for $30.98. If you have the artistic kind of skill needed, it would also be the perfect place for a mini garden-inspired mural or floral pattern.

If you'd like to give your pallet a more practical upgrade, you could add a few hooks on the outside of the wood panels, like these large J-hooks from Home Depot for $7.98. This will give you a place to store smaller gardening tools and items you need for your outdoor chores like handheld trowels, hose heads, and gardening gloves. If your DIY imagination is already running wild with ideas, then you'll surely be interested to know there is another way to use a pallet to store your gardening tools that you should consider.

Set up your garden tool pallet horizontally

Although @_michelle_my_bell opted to install her pallet vertically on a wall to store large garden tools, that's not the only way to put this hack to good use. Instead, you can set up your pallet horizontally. If you do, you will not only have a spot for each of your larger tools, but you will also have areas to store other gardening items of pretty much all sizes.

Just take a peek at the video from TikTok user @mrhackslondon, who also decided to use a pallet to keep his tools in one tidy spot. However, he opted to set up his pallet horizontally. Placing it flat on a relatively tall and sturdy bin, he then slid a rake into the open area between the slats. On top of that, he used the overhanging section of the wood panels to hold items like a watering can. While this might seem to offer the same result as setting up the pallet vertically, this second method also allows for items to be placed on the shelf-like area of the surface. Granted, this arrangement needs a little more space, so it might be a better option if you're setting it up outside your shed while the first version suits the inside. Perhaps you could use one of each!