The Shoelace Hack That Makes Measuring Irregularly Shaped Items A Breeze

Getting an accurate measurement can be incredibly important at times. That's why you may need to know how to measure things without a ruler or measuring tape — or at least with the help of another tool. Frankly, these simply won't help when you have to measure something that has an irregular shape, curves, or awkward corners. In that case, you can use a shoelace for the task. While that might sound a little strange, the fact is that a shoelace is often long enough to span what you might need to measure and soft and flexible enough to wrap or bend around items as needed.

In order to use a shoelace to measure something, simply use it to encircle or follow the odd lines of the item or area you need to measure. When you have the proper length, make a mark on the shoelace. Finally, lay the shoelace next to a ruler or measuring tape and compare where the mark is to an exact measurement. If you don't have a spare shoelace lying around, then you can use a piece of string, yarn, or even dental floss in the same way. You can also use it to measure more objects than you might imagine.

Use a shoelace for endless measuring tasks

Using a shoelace to measure irregularly shaped items may sound like a handy hack, and there's surely no doubt that it is. However, you might not realize how helpful it can really be. That's because there are so many ways to take advantage of this idea. For instance, along with measuring the circumference of anything inside of your home from a vase to a candlestick to a lampshade to a round table, you can also measure around columns, walls, doors, and much more.

Using a shoelace can also come in handy when measuring objects outside. For example, you can use one to figure out how wide a tree in your yard has gotten each year. It can also help you lay out rounded gardens and determine the precise size of a hole you may need to dig to plant something in your garden as well as how far apart to space your plants when laying them out in intricate patterns. In fact, there are so many ways you can use a shoelace to measure awkwardly shaped items that it you may find it's become your favorite tool.