Top-Rated Vacuums To Keep Your Hardwood Flooring As Clean As Can Be, According To Amazon Reviews

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Hardwood floors are at once incredibly common and also somewhat tricky to take care of. When it comes to choosing a vacuum for the wooden flooring in your home, you'll want to consider ones that are designed specifically to work on hardwood (or other non-carpeted flooring material). Thoroughly removing dirt and debris from wood floors is a must for preventing scratches, scuffs, and dulling. And, vacuums can even be more efficient than brooms or dust mops. But, it defeats the purpose if the vacuum itself causes damage. In general, strong suction or soft cleaner heads are great features to look for to protect your floors. Gentle brush attachments are also good options, and many vacuums have bare-floor settings that retract any harsh roller brushes to avoid blemishing wooden surfaces.

On Amazon, you can look at widely available customer ratings and reviews that provide insight into product functionality. For this round-up of hardwood floor vacuum cleaners, we looked at the best-sellers in the category, their highest average customer ratings, and the number of reviews. We also considered various price points, as well as different vacuum styles, including corded, cordless, upright, stick, and canister designs. From our research, here's a list of nine machines that will keep your hardwood floors free of dirt and debris, including suggestions for all budgets and lifestyles. 

1. Bissell Featherweight

At around $30, with more than 100,000 reviews, the Bissell Featherweight is an over 4-star average customer-rated yet budget option for keeping your hardwood floors spick and span. The corded stick vacuum even has a 4.3-star sub-rating specifically for how well it works on hardwood floors. Enthusiastic reviews note that customers are consistently impressed by the Featherweight's powerful suction, given its small size and affordable price.

With its slim profile, the Featherweight certainly lives up to its name. At a lithe three pounds, it's no wonder customers also say it is incredibly easy to use, including going up and down the stairs. It's a three-in-one product that can be converted from its full length, to a dustbuster, and to a stair vacuum. And, it also comes with a crevice tool to reach small spaces and corners that the roller head doesn't.

It's worth noting that some buyers have found the power cord to be too short for reaching further distances. So, it may require some plug movement if being used all over the home in one session. That being said, it's great for those who live in apartments or smaller homes, or anyone who wants a solid, straightforward vacuum. It also comes in a few bright colors, as well as black, so you can choose one that matches your home's personality!

2. Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum

The Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum is another low-cost vacuum from the brand, also beloved by Amazon customers. With more than 40,000 reviews and an over 4.0 star average, reviews frequently mention that the Zing is lightweight and easy to maneuver because of its swivel steering feature. One reviewer even called it "flawless" on their hardwood floors.

Unlike Bissell Featherweight's upright design, the canister design of the Zing has a larger dirt cup capacity and a separate, flexible hose that can access hard-to-reach areas. The fact that the canister is bagless also makes it convenient to empty. Canister vacuums sometimes have a bad rap for being bulky and more difficult to store than their upright counterparts. With that said, the Zing has a relatively small footprint and only weighs eight pounds. So if you live in tight quarters, but still prefer the features of a canister-style machine, the under $80 Zing may be the budget vac for you.

3. Eureka PowerSpeed NEU280

The Eureka PowerSpeed NEU280 is a well-reviewed, upright vacuum cleaner that performs well on bare floors and carpets alike. Sitting at a 4.4-star average rating with over 15,000 reviews, the PowerSpeed is praised by customers for making quick work of pet hair with its incredibly strong suction. For around $80, the lightweight model is another Amazon best-seller with exceptional quality for its value.

To take care of your hardwood floors, the PowerSpeed boasts smooth-running wheels specifically crafted to avoid scratching and scuffing. It also has five height settings which means it can go from gliding across bare surfaces to extracting dirt and debris from deep within high-pile carpet. Additionally, the included crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush can are all stored onboard the PowerSpeed, making it convenient to switch attachments when you're vacuuming. It also means the vac and its accessories will stay organized and tucked neatly away when it isn't decimating filthy floors.

4. ORFELD Cordless

The ORFELD V20 is the first cordless stick vacuum mentioned in our list, a style of vacuum that only continues to grow in popularity. Name-brand manufacturers have rolled out their own versions of the easy-to-use design, but where the ORFELD differs most is its sticker price. Coming in at an affordable price point, around $120, this sleek and easy-to-use vac is one of the best-rated (and most competitively-priced) stick-style options on Amazon. One 5-star review went as far as to say that the ORFELD V20 performs on par with more popular vacuum brands, like Dyson or Shark.

From 8,000+ ratings with a 4.3-star average, ORFELD V20 users love its ability to pick up dust and debris from bare surfaces. And because of its lightweight, cordless design, with 35 minutes of runtime on a full battery charge, you can take it all over the house with ease. Use it in its stick form, or quickly turn it into a handheld vacuum to eliminate mess at arm's length. Its multiple attachments, including a soft brush head, mean you can be sure that your hardwood floors are taken care of.

5. Bissell 2254 Cleanview Swivel Rewind

At first glance of user reviews, you will see that customers who bought the Bissell 2254 Cleanview Swivel Rewind love how well it works on carpets, especially when it comes to putting pet hair in its place. However, it is also highly rated at a 4.3-star average just for its use on hardwood floors. Customers call the suction on the Swivel Rewind outstanding, and they praise the scatter-free technology, which prevents debris from getting kicked away during cleaning.

With a 4.6-star rating overall, from 21,000+ reviews, the approximate $150 price on this pick packs a powerful punch in an upright, corded format. With five adjustable height settings, you will be able to make sure your hardwood floors are cleaned well while avoiding any surface damage. Plus the cord is 27 feet long and automatically coils up to make storage a breeze. And while this vacuum is not necessarily the most space-efficient of the bunch, its excellent suction power and straightforward features are what sets it apart. For a family home with animals in need of a dependable machine that gets the job done, take the Swivel Rewind for a spin.

6. Shark NV360 Navigator

If you're looking for a powerful vacuum and are not too concerned with how much space it takes up in your closet, consider the Shark NV260 Navigator. Priced at just over $150, this top-rated Amazon pick has over 70,000 ratings and a 4.5-star average. According to reviews, customers adore this upright, corded vacuum for its incredible suction, both on carpet and bare floors. Customers with allergies also rave time and time again about how well the HEPA-filtered Navigator picks up dust, keeping both their floors and airways clear.

Even with its larger design, the Navigator boasts plenty of other features that make it both functional and agile. Switch to the "Suction Only" setting to quickly disengage the brush roll for use on hardwood floors, and reset it just as quickly to get right back to your carpets. And just as it can go between surfaces, it can be configured to reach every square inch of your space. Remove the dust bin pod from the body and you will have more mobility with the connected hose and nozzle. Whether you're traversing ceiling corners up high, or behind the couch down low, the Navigator has you covered.

7. Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe

The Rocket Deluxe is another Amazon best-seller from the brand Shark. Unlike the Navigator, the Rocket Deluxe can also convert into a handheld vacuum, great for quickly picking up small messes throughout the house. With 11,000+ reviews and a 4.5-star average rating, we can see why buyers in any home would gravitate toward this selection.

While the Rocket Deluxe is not a cordless vac, it is still powerful, lightweight, and dynamic. Customers love the LED headlight feature on the roller head, which illuminates messes especially well on hardwood floors, ensuring that you never miss a spot. Reviews are also quick to corroborate the claim that the vacuum is perfect for pets. Whether calling it "cat approved" or referencing how well it worked in their multi-dog household, buyers agree, the Rocket Deluxe and its pet multi-tool attachment work hard to keep fur off of your hardwood floors and other surfaces.

8. Tineco Floor ONE S3

The Tineco Floor ONE S3 works double time to clean solid surfaces, with its wet and dry vacuuming technology. Multiple customer reviews noted that they were doubtful about the cordless machine's dual capabilities, and didn't think it would actually work. But the Floor ONE S3 has made believers out of skeptics — but for a price. Sitting at the higher end of our list's price range, this two-in-one powerhouse costs about $400. However, if you're looking to reap the benefits of simultaneous floor vacuuming and mopping, consider the Tineco machine's 27,000+ reviews and 4.4-star average.

It's worth reiterating that the Tineco Floor ONE S3 is only meant for hard flooring. So it won't be the right choice for customers looking for a device that works on carpet too. However, if your home is mostly sealed wood or another hard surface, it can be a good investment. The Tineco uses sensor technology to momentarily dispense clean water, and vacuum it all up with the mess, quickly drying the floor in the process. Based on the reviews, the Floor ONE S3 has worked well on many customers' hardwood floors. But, ultimately, you will want to avoid it if your wood floors don't have a waterproof seal.

9. Dyson V15 Detect

The final mention on this list of top-tier Amazon vacuums is the Dyson V15 Detect. It is the priciest of our roundup, at a whopping $629.00. But according to Amazon customers, if you have the budget, it is well worth the money. Reviews gush endlessly about the V15 Detect, calling it everything from their "best decision ever" to their "dream vacuum." One even declared it to be a life-changing investment for their home.

And if those glowing monikers weren't enough to convince you, users also praise the unique features of this cordless Dyson vacuum, like the Laser Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head for hard flooring. Over and over again, they express their love for the green laser light and how well it illuminates dust you wouldn't see otherwise. Plus, as its name suggests, the soft roller means no damage to your hardwood surfaces.

Not to mention, its other features are seemingly endless. It has an LED screen that tells you how many particles you've vacuumed while the machine is in action, and it uses intelligent suction technology that adjusts power depending on the surface. And of course, it also turns into a hand vacuum. It also comes with seven total attachments, including a unique anti-tangle hair screw tool that is designed to work magic on upholstery.