Creative Ways To Give Your Doors A Fresh New Look Without Any Paint

The easiest way to change the look of your interior is with paint, but despite its accessibility, this approach isn't always the best option for everyone. Many people avoid using paint because they live in rentals that don't allow such changes, or they are sensitive to paint fumes. Since doors are often understated, but still an essential part of interior design, it's completely sensible to want to embellish them in some way.

Hundreds of DIY projects require paint, but you don't have to take this route. Plenty of other approaches to interior design don't use this liquid coloring, and many don't require much money for the tools and supplies needed. Since they don't involve paint, they are fume-free, impermanent, and easy for amateur DIYers. If you're interested in paint-less door renovation ideas, check out the ten projects below that rely on fabric, tape, wallpaper, and other craft materials to give your doors a fun update.

Swap your door handles for a new design

Door knob styles range from rustic to modern and everything in between. Standard door knobs have the most designs options, as they have no additional features aside from enabling opening and closing. In contrast, you can find handles with keypad or fingerprint locks that provide added security. Simply putting in a new door knob is transformative. If you live in a rental, just be sure to check your lease to make sure that you are permitted to change it, and keep the old one in case you need to put it back on.

Put burlap over the sections of paneled and glass doors

Adding burlap to a paneled door is a great way to add a rustic or boho touch without going overboard with a DIY. Cut your burlap, or fabric of choice, to the same dimensions as the panels you'll be covering and then hot glue the edges of the fabric to the inside panels. It may help to cut slightly larger pieces than the exact dimensions of space — you can always trim the excess fabric later. 

Turn glass doors into stained glass artwork

In this stained glass DIY, use window film sheets (such as this pack from Amazon), baby shampoo, a spray bottle, a razor, and a squeegee. Mix a tablespoon of baby shampoo with water in the spray bottle and spritz the liner side of the window film. Gently press it against the glass and smooth it out with the squeegee. Use the razor to trim the excess window film. Make this project easier by sticking to geometric and abstract patterns, which are more foolproof for amateurs.

Craft a homemade wreath to adorn your entryway door

Build a wreath using real dried flowers and leaves ($20.99 on Amazon), or faux fake flowers ($26.99 on Amazon). Real-pressed foliage looks more authentic, but may shed. You'll also need wire cutters and a grapevine wreath. To make things easier, you can even buy a full wreath-making kit from online shops like The Wreath Shop or Shop Designer DIY. Tuck the stems of the real or fake flowers into the wreath shape until you achieve the desired look, and hang it on your door using wall hooks that can accommodate the weight.

Add a retro disco border to your door edges

Using silver mirror tile stickers from Michaels or Amazon, you can add a disco ball look to your door edges without interrupting its functionality. This DIY is simple as long as you buy enough mirror strips. Measure the length and width of your door's edge, finding the total surface area you plan to cover. Purchase enough mirror stickers to cover this area and stick them on as you would attach any standard sticker. Just make sure your stickers are thin so they don't impede the door opening and closing.

Dangle string lights around the door frame

Purchase a pack of string lights, and decide whether you need them to be battery powered or plug-in. Remember that sets with corded plug-ins must be tactically placed near available outlets. Secure the lights around your door frame, either with adhesives or by placing wall hooks at the top left and right corners of your door. What's great is that, since the string lights are very lightweight, the hooks don't need to be heavy duty.

Add panels to plain doors using picture frames

Add subtle character to plain doors by making homemade paneling. You can find cheap picture frames for as low as $1.25 each at Dollar Tree. Either choose frames the same color as your door, or paint them to match — or leave them different for a contrast! Use a level and double-sided tape to attach the frames to your door, creating the paneling you've been missing. Also, you can purchase additional smaller picture frame sets to place in the larger ones to create a multi-dimensional paneled look.

Wrap the door in wallpaper

Here's an example of how wallpaper can be better than paint. To begin, measure the dimensions of your door. Purchase enough wallpaper to cover this space, doubling it to cover both sides (if you want). Determine where the door knob sits and use a small mason jar as a reference to cut out a hole. Attach the wallpaper, removing the door for a more seamless job. To simplify the DIY part, you can purchase wallpaper designed for doors, such as these $28.95 options on Amazon.

Dangle vines, beads, or fringe curtains

Choose between artificial vines, string beads, or fringe curtains to cover one side of your doorway and add a unique bohemian vibe. You can pin them on either side of the door to keep them from getting in the way, or use them to replace the door all together if there's no need for privacy between the rooms. If a door only opens one way, put the hanging decorations on the side it doesn't open towards.

Use duct tape to make geometric designs

Start by tracing your intended geometric pattern using a ruler and pencil to mark your door. Once you have your design planned out, measure out how much tape you'll need. Purchase the corresponding number of rolls required to complete your project in any color. Amazon sells multi-colored packs of tape for under $10. Layer the tape over the pre-drawn pattern. Check out Teresa Lu's geometric concept for inspiration, or browse an array of other designs you can find online.