The Foldable IKEA Dining Table That Is Perfect For Even The Smallest Spaces

Flexible and compact furniture is an absolute must when it comes to both small and multi-use spaces. From studio apartments and tiny homes to home offices, guest rooms, and play areas, some pieces of furniture excel at solving these issues stylishly and functionally. A stylish folding table from IKEA may be the solution for these spaces and is being touted on TikTok as a must for small apartment dining. The NORDEN Gateleg Table has been cropping up in many an online sampling of small-space solutions, recommended for everything from dining to crafting. The NORDEN not only offers several size configurations with fold-down panels but also features storage drawers on both sides of the table.

Available for only $349, the gateleg table features two legs that fold against the table when not in use, along with the tabletop, but extend to add several more feet to the table on either side. Completely collapsed measurements are 10 1/4 x 31 1/2 inches, but open, you can either have a 35-inch x 59 7/8-inch table when fully extended. The size makes it perfect for workspaces and adjustable dining that can change with how many guests need to be seated.

Compact and stylish

The table comes in both a natural pale birch and a white finish, making it great for many modern design schemes. The deep drawers, three on each side, are great for storing things like table linens, napkins, and other supplies, or doubling as a place to store work supplies in a flexible home office. When completely folded it can sit inauspiciously against a wall or behind a sofa, making a perfect console table. When folded out, it can seat around four to six guests comfortably.

This adjustable table is perfect as a kitchen or dining table that can be stowed away fo collapsed when not in use, making it a very renter-friendly solution for small apartments. It also makes a perfect small folding island in a small kitchen to create more cooking space. Use it in an office/ guestroom to store away your office supplies or use it as a moveable crating, wrapping, or small-business packaging station with built-in storage. You can also make it an adaptable table or homework space in a playroom or family space that can just fold down when not in use.