IKEA Bar Stools Ranked By Reviews To Help You Find The Perfect Additional Seating

Kitchen bar stools offer not only additional seating to your kitchen or dining areas, but you can also decorate with stools to infuse your space with a touch of design flare. Things to consider when selecting stools to add to your home range from how they look, the height of table or counter you'd like them to accommodate, and, of course, how comfortable they are to sit on. Each factor will vary in its priority depending on who lives in your home or how often you intend to use the additional seating that a stool provides. 

We turned to IKEA's bar stool selection to get a sense of the different designs available on the market. Using the website's filters, we chose the 10 top rated kitchen stools with over 10 customer reviews, in order to consider varied feedback and insights. The stools in the list reflect a range of prices, functionalities, and styles. As such, we hope that this roundup can guide you to choose the bar stool that works best as seating in your space, depending on your unique needs. Keep reading to learn how these options stack up against one another.

10. The simple and comfortable EKEDALEN

The EKEDALEN stool has a 4.3-star average rating from 70 reviews, putting it at the lowest position in our ranking. The frame of the stool comes in two colors, white and dark brown, while the removable, washable cover of the cushioned seat comes in light gray. It has a slatted backrest for added comfort and costs $105 for the 24 ⅜-inch height. It also comes in a 29 ½-inch height, but that costs $115 and is rated at an even lower 4.1 stars.

Even though the EKEDALEN falls lowest on our list, most buyers have great things to say about it. Reviewers note that the stool is especially comfortable because of its large, padded seat. They also think it looks great and feels sturdy, but the category it loses points in is assembly. More than a few customers had the same issue with screw holes not being accommodating enough to install the stool legs. One reported fixing the issue themself by drilling a pilot hole. That being said, those who didn't struggle to put the EKEDALEN together rate it well in all other areas.

9. The backless but functional DALFRED

The DALFRED only comes in black and has a cool, industrial look and an adjustable seat height from 24 ¾ to 29 ⅛ inches. This range makes it versatile in different seating scenarios, whether you're at a kitchen island or high top table. With a 4.4-star average rating and 62 reviews, the DALFRED lands in the lower part of our ranking. But is modestly priced compared to most other options on the list, at $75 per stool.

Customers love how the DALFRED looks and that it's adjustable, but some find the seat uncomfortable to sit on, and say that it has sharp edges to look out for. Others remark on the fact that the stool does not have a backrest, which may not work for shoppers who seek to sit more comfortably for longer periods of time. All in all, it seems like the DALFRED would be a great, more affordable option for short-term seating needs.

8. The classic and sturdy NORDVIKEN

IKEA's NORDVIKEN, a minimal counter-height stool, is offered in both black and white. It shakes out to $95 per unit, and holds a 4.4-star average rating derived from 86 customer reviews. The stool's design highlights include a curved backrest, an indented seat to offer comfort for long periods of sitting, as well as a footrest. And in our estimation, the style of the NORDVIKEN is simple enough to blend into a variety of interior design schemes.

More than a couple reviews note that the NORDVIKEN looks great and feels sturdy, but feels slightly overpriced for what you get straight out of the box. Some customers have experienced some wobbliness and difficulty with assembly, but even more claim that the stool is sturdy and perfectly meets their needs. Many remark that the stool works great at their bar tables. If you are looking for a classic stool design in the mid-range price zone, you may find a match with the NORDVIKEN.

7. The durable and adjustable JANINGE

The JANINGE is a modern looking stool that touts quality and durability, and comes in white and light gray, both with a chrome base finish. Coming in at a 4.5-star average with 203 reviews, it is the second and final adjustable stool in our ranking. Its seat height ranges from 22 to 29 ⅞ inches, which sets it apart from the DALFRED by a significant 2 ¾ inches on the lower end. This extra adjustability means the JANINGE will work as seating for some dining tables, in addition to counter tops and high-top bar tables.

In their reviews, customers agree with IKEA's claim that this stool holds up to regular use, with one remarking that when they saw the JANINGE being used for seating in-person at IKEA's store, they figured it had to be as durable as it claimed. Customers also repeatedly praise the JANINGE for its chic look, along with its comfort, and they also love the variability of the adjustable seat. This stool's lowest sub-rating is its cost value, as some customers feel it is quite pricey. But if you have the budget, the JANINGE largely impresses buyers across the board.

6. The solid and timeless INGOLF

The INGOLF is the most reviewed kitchen bar stool of this round up, with 759 customers rating it with 4.5 stars on average. This mid-height stool has a solid wood construction in the frame, but still manages to be lightweight, due to the use of fiberboard for the backrest. The cross back style of the backrest lends itself to a more traditional or coastal design aesthetic, though it is basic enough to work with other interior tastes, as well. The INGOLF is offered in white (an IKEA top seller) or brown-black for $95. And for $10 extra, you can get a brown-black version with a gray cushioned seat to provide additional comfort. For the same $105, you can also get a taller version of the un-cushioned white or brown options, at 29 ⅛ inches.

While there are some customer accounts of the INGOLF being difficult to assemble, the majority of buyers do feel that the stool is easy to put together. There are several reviews that note more recent iterations of the INGOLF seem to have a lower, less durable quality than formerly purchased versions. Yet, many customers still report that the INGOLF acts as sturdy, inviting additional seating in their kitchens.

5. The sleek and dependable YNGVAR

The YNGVAR bar stool has a primarily steel frame with a backrest, which makes it a great choice for a seating area or eat-in kitchen space that gets used very regularly. In fact, these stools meet the BIFMA standards for public and lounge seating in places like restaurants and waiting rooms. Coming in at a 4.6-star average rating from 13 reviews, the YNGVAR crests the hill into the top five of our IKEA stool rankings. It also ties with the JANINGE for the second most expensive pick on our list at $155 per unit, but for many customers, the YNGVAR's cost matches its quality.

The YNGVAR has 4.8-star sub-ratings for both appearance and product quality. Customers call the stool's black frame "sleek" and even "gorgeous." Of its excellent quality, one reviewer mentions that they have mobility issues, and the YNGVAR is dependably sturdy and easy to get on and off of. Another buyer says they drove 40 miles to get one after weeks of waiting for it to come back in stock. If you don't mind its price, or that it is offered in only one size and only in black, the YNGVAR could be a great addition to your kitchen island seating lineup.

4. The clean and contemporary GLENN

The GLENN bar stool is another IKEA top seller, according to the retailer's website. This stool has 124 reviews averaging a 4.6-star rating, and we understand from first glance why it is so well-loved by customers. It comes in two seat heights, 26 inches for $105, and 30 ⅜ inches for $115. The white seat and chrome legs give the GLENN a modern, but dynamic, look that could easily be integrated into different home styles, and the leg design also allows the GLENN to stack neatly on top of itself, which makes floor clean up easier.

The GLENN is best reviewed with a 4.8-star sub-rating for its overall appearance. Multiple reviews call the white and chrome stool stylish, though there are some concerns about the white seat finish being easily dirtied. However, even more shoppers counter that the GLENN is easy to clean. They also repeatedly reference the comfort offered by the GLENN with its contoured seat and backrest. So, if you are looking for a stool that is pretty well rounded in its real-world impressions, the GLENN may be a great choice for additional seating in your kitchen.

3. The foldable and affordable FRANKLIN

The FRANKLIN is the least expensive bar stool in our line up at $35, and lands at number three in the overall ranking based on 334 customer reviews and a 4.6-star average rating. Notably, it's less than half the price of the DALFRED — the second least expensive option on our list, at $75. The FRANKLIN comes in black or white, has a backrest, and unlike any other stool in this round up, it folds away to easily store and save space when you need it.

FRANKLIN buyers love the functional design of this folding stool. One reviewer even shared that they bring the FRANKLIN to indoor shows as a comfortable, easy-to-carry seating option. Another customer calls it easy to fold, solid but not too heavy, and excellent for use at the kitchen counter. The rave reviews of the FRANKLIN, plus its unbeatable price, would make it a practical seating choice for almost anyone — whether you're working with a tight budget or not.

2. The luxurious but costly HANSOLLE

The HANSOLLE is the runner up for top pick on our list, and also happens to be the most expensive stool of the bunch at $170. However, its 4.7-star average rating from 20 reviews demonstrates that the price might just equate to the hype when it comes to this IKEA customer favorite. The HANSOLLE has a fully upholstered backrest and seat, designed to offer all over comfort for any user. And the black-brown leg frame, as well as the backrest frame, are crafted from solid eucalyptus wood, for long-lasting, hard-wearing quality.

Yes, the HANSOLLE is pricey. But the word "comfortable" appears in almost all of its customer reviews. So, with this stool, it's clear that you're paying for a quality sitting experience. Buyers remark on its large seat, which adds to the comfort provided by the cushion. However, they do express wishing the HANSOLLE had a removable, washable seat cover, like some of the other upholstered bar stool options from IKEA. This stool's fabric will need to be cared for with the use of upholstery shampoo, which might mean inconvenient drying times. Families with children or mischievous pets may want to steer clear of the HANSOLLE for that reason. But, if you want a luxurious, high-quality seating solution, this stool could be a great choice.

1. The washable and supportive BERGMUND

The BERGMUND falls in the number one spot of IKEA's customer's favorite kitchen stool, with a 4.8-star average rating calculated from 72 reviews. What the HANSOLLE lacks in practicality, the BERGMUND makes up for, which is in part why it's a more popular choice among shoppers (though it's a bit less expensive than the HANSOLLE, too, at $145 per piece). That's because the BERGMUND's upholstered seat and backrest have a removable, washable cover. So, if it gets soiled during meal time, it's easy to throw in the washing machine for convenient clean up.

The BERGMUND comes in white and black legs options, and has six different seat cover choices — which gives it more design versatility than any other item in this ranking. Comfort is paramount for buyers of the BERGMUND, and they say the stool delivers. Another reviewer calls out that there's a metal bar along the top of the footrest, which means the paint won't chip away — just one of many thoughtful design features that this piece offers. With all of its function and style, it's no wonder the BERGMUND stands out to shoppers. And if you're looking for a good looking, supportive seat, the BERGMUND might just stand out to you too.