TikTok Shares Three Must-Have IKEA Closet Storage Finds For Under $10

If there is anywhere in your home that craves more storage, it's likely your closet. For many of us, we blame the lack of space for our closets' unorganization. But in reality, we likely aren't using the right storage solutions to give us the room we need. Fortunately, using it doesn't require spending a fortune. @miseenplace_au on TikTok shared her favorite organizing solutions, which are allunder $10 and will quickly transform your closet.

One item in our closet that takes up an unnecessary amount of space is our shoes. Ikea has two great items that will help solve your shoe storage problem. The MURVEL shoe organizer, which costs just $1.49 each, allows you to stack your shoes, allowing for twice as much space. The GREJIG shoe rack for $4.99 is a foldable option you can tailor to your needs and area constraints. As for your clothes and other closet items, @missenplace_au recommends the entire SKUBB series, which features a variety of in-drawer and hanging organizers for less than $10.

How to use these storage solutions in your home

There are a ton of storage solutions and hacks to keep your closet clean and organized. You can use the trapeze closet hanger hack, which doubles your hanging space, or opt for one of Ikea's storage systems. But if you are working with a really tight budget, the Ikea shoe organizer, shoe rack, and SKUBB organizers are the way to go. The MURVEL shoe organizer is a great choice for people with a narrow closet space. Buying multiple can add up quickly, but at just $1.49 each, it is still an inexpensive option for your shoe storage. If you have more than ten pairs, you may want to consider the GREJIG shoe rack instead, which can be used in your closet, entryway, coat closet, or garage for shoe storage. One rack can hold three pairs of shoes, and you can stack up to three of them on top of each other.

For your drawers and hanging items, you can't go wrong with the SKUBB series, which features everything from a storage case that can fit under your bed for $6.99 to a hanging organizer with nine different compartments for $9.99.

Other great Ikea closet storage finds under $10

While you're adding to your Ikea cart, consider a few other great options from them. If you need to store away unused or seasonal items, consider the PÄRKLA shoe bag. For less than a dollar, the shoe bag is great for storing away sandals in the summer or boots in the winter. Plus, they double as a great packing hack for travel. If you are new to organizing, the best thing you can do is invest in a lot of bins. The JÄGMÄSTARE Basket is just $5.99 and features a soft, felt material that will keep your clothes and other belongings safe and protected.

If you want to take items out of your closet and store them away for a new season or occasion, clear boxes are the way to go. The SAMLA Box is just $6.99 and has a lid, making it easy to store away without the threat of bugs or dirt getting on your things.