The Staircase Laundry Basket Hack You'll Have To See To Believe

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While Tash Psyche Reece's laundry staircase hack described in an article published by The Sun is both surprising and unique, it certainly presents an innovative solution to a common household dilemma: limited space versus the need for efficient laundry organization. By utilizing the space above the staircase banister to hang three separate washing bins, Tash has managed to free up valuable floor space while maintaining a system for sorting laundry by color. This approach is particularly useful for space-challenged families like Tash's, where the volume of laundry can be overwhelming.

One notable advantage of Tash's version of the 3-bin laundry organization system is its simplicity and affordability. The cable ties used to secure the laundry baskets are inexpensive and readily available, making the hack a practical solution for anyone looking to optimize their laundry space without investing in expensive storage units or remodeling projects. Additionally, the bins are easily accessible and can be emptied by simply tipping them over toward the landing, minimizing the effort required for the laundry process.

However, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. Hanging laundry bins above a staircase may pose a safety hazard, especially in households with young children or pets, so ensuring the bins are securely attached and do not obstruct the staircase or pose a risk of falling is paramount. Additionally, while this hack may work well for sorting laundry by color, it may not be suitable for items that require special care or delicate handling. 

Alternatives to the staircase laundry basket hack

For those who are hesitant to adopt Tash's laundry staircase hack due to safety concerns or limitations in space, there are several alternative approaches to consider. One option is to invest in collapsible or stackable laundry baskets, or foldable laundry hampers, like the highly rated Callas Soft Handle Chic Tote Laundry Hamper available on Wayfair for only $13.99 or the affordable Brightroom Pop-up Mesh Hamper priced at $6.00 at Target. These can be easily stored when not in use, minimizing clutter in small living spaces. 

Alternatively, installing wall-mounted shelves or cabinets in the laundry area can provide additional storage without encroaching on floor space or posing safety risks. Another practical alternative to streamline the laundry process is to use baskets or bags that can be hung on hooks or door knobs. Products like the Grandest Birch Door Hanging Laundry Bag retailing for $3.90 at Walmart or Household Essentials Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper, which costs around $20 at Amazon, are just a few examples of these, helping to simplify the sorting process without the need for bulky storage solutions.

Indeed, Tash's laundry staircase hack demonstrates ingenuity and resourcefulness in optimizing space for laundry organization. However, it may not be suitable for every household, so it's important to weigh the practicality and safety considerations of the hack before implementing it in your own home.