Which IKEA Dining Room Sets Are Worth The Price, According To Reviews

Finding the right dining set at an affordable price point can be difficult, but that's where IKEA comes in. Though most items at IKEA are sold separately so you can put them together in a formation that suits you, the Swedish retail giant does sell dining sets that come with a table and a select amount of chairs. In 2023, online purchases made up 23% of overall sales at IKEA. However, it can be tricky to decide whether a set is right for you if you don't have the option to view it in person. Luckily, we've done all the work for you by rounding up the most reviewed sets to see whether they're worth the price.

The perfect-sized dining table will vary from person to person. Most dining sets in this ranking include four chairs alongside a table, but one set with two chairs and another with six chairs have been included for those who want something bigger or smaller. As well as using reviews, deciding on whether a dining set is worth the price was determined by factors like the appearance of each set (including the materials it is made from), how durable all parts are, and how straightforward the assembly process was. A more detailed explanation of the methodology used to rank these dining sets can be found at the end.

The JOKKMOKK table and 4 chairs set

With over 500 glowing reviews, the JOKKMOKK dining set is the most popular set IKEA has to offer. Available in a medium brown (pictured above) and dark brown/black hue, all items are made from solid pine. Designed to fit a kitchen nook or a downsized dining space, it has a cozy and traditional look with heaps of character, a trait not often found in cheaper dining sets. At $199.99, this set is incredibly affordable for what it offers, and the positive reviews reflect this. 

It scored highest on appearance, with reviews pointing out how good the quality and overall look were for the cost. Most assembly reviews were also positive and noted how easy the table and chairs were to put together. However, one review did say that the chair frames do not come pre-drilled, which will mean extra work on your part. A few other reviews also noted that the chairs did not feel particularly robust. Still, for the price, this set is an excellent timeless choice that would suit both modern and more traditional homes alike. It's additionally a great option for those moving into their first home because of the price.

EKEDALEN / EKEDALEN table and 6 chairs

Next up is the EKEDALEN / EKEDALEN set. Consisting of a table and six chairs, this set follows hot on the heels of the JOKKMOKK, though it is significantly pricier at $799.99. Featuring an extendable leaf design, it is made from several materials, including particleboard, solid birch, solid pine, and solid beech. It features a dark brown table and matching chairs with light gray cushioned seats. Even when the table isn't extended, a nice extra feature of this table and chairs is that the legs for the extended section remain in the corner for extra leg room.

Reviews for this set mention its sleek, contemporary look and how useful the extendable leaf function is. Most say that the assembly process was fine, though others shared that the instructions could have been a little clearer and that the chairs were difficult to put together. It also appears to require a lot of manual effort. Though this is stated in the description, some reviews say the differing wood grain of this set can mean it looks mismatched. Despite it being able to seat more people, the fact this set isn't made from completely solid wood means it may not be as good of an option as other sets in this ranking.

INGATORP / BERGMUND table and four chairs

The INGATORP / BERGMUND dining combination, priced at $999.99, is something a little different due to the round table shape. The black table contrasts with blue and black patterned chairs, and it's easy to imagine decorating this dining table with a centerpiece due to the vintage-inspired design. The table also features an extendable leaf design so up to six people can be seated. All pieces are constructed from a mix of particleboard, solid wood, and solid birch amongst other materials.

Reviews of this set mention that the table is sturdy but the chairs not so much, so you might have to buy more in the future depending on how long you wish to keep the set. Some additionally brought up that the table becomes damaged easily with scratches. However, others complimented the look of the set and said it was easy to put together. Finally, a few reviews noted how well the INGATORP set held up even after a while. While it's overall a good investment if you have a larger budget, this dining set somewhat prioritizes style over substance (in this case, the materials).

MELLTORP / ADDE table and two chairs

At the exceptionally cheap cost of $69.99, the two-chair MELLTORP / ADDE set really can't be beat for price. Made from particleboard, melamine foil, and plastic edging with a steel frame for added sturdiness, this set has a smart and contemporary look propelled by the geometric pattern the chairs feature. Another small but pleasing bonus is that the chairs are stackable, allowing you to save even more space when not eating and catching up with friends.

This product receives a good shout all round, with reviews stating how simple it is to put together (though some noted it's best to have another person nearby while building) and how well it stands up to the test of time. Despite its smaller stature, several people noted how durable the table and chairs felt. Some reviews also mention it holds a computer well in case you were thinking of using it as a dual dining table and office desk. Incredibly affordable, this chairs and dining table set is perfect for a small apartment or a studio.

MELLTORP / JANNIGE table and four chairs

Everything about the MELLTORP / JANNIGE is designed to blend in, including its simple white color scheme. Priced at $439.99, it has a very simple design that's perfect for even the most ardent lovers of minimalism and is moisture and stain-resistant. The table is constructed from a range of materials including particleboard and melamine foil, with the legs and side frame including steel for added durability. The chairs are made from reinforced polypropylene and are stackable, but have removable dampers if you don't wish to do so.

Reviews for this set mainly point out how efficient the installation process was and how nice it looked in a range of spaces thanks to the timeless design. The table was especially praised, though some reviews stated that the chairs didn't feel as sturdy as the table, a relatively consistent problem that seems to be the case with quite a few IKEA dining sets. In this case, the plastic center could be even less sturdy than a wood blend. Considering it's more expensive than the JOKKMOKK with not quite as much to offer, this dining set feels a little underwhelming.

The LANEBERG / KARLJAN table and four chairs set

Last but not least, the LANEBERG / EKEDALEN dining set comes in clean white. The chairs have light gray cushioned seats for a subtle contrast. Extendable to seat up to six people, its simple yet attractive design is a hallmark of the EKEDALEN dining sets. The table is made from a mix of particleboard, solid pine, and solid birch, whereas the chairs are made from solid wood and fiberboard with a polyester and cotton seat cushion. These seat covers can be removed and are approved for machine-washing.

The reviews for this set note that the chairs are on the smaller side and offer little leg room, something to keep in mind. Others mentioned how pretty the natural wood grain texture is and how durable the set felt overall. We like how this table extends seamlessly, making it ideal if you think you'll have friends round for a dinner party every so often but don't want to fully commit to a larger dining table. The price is also in a good range, so despite the lack of reviews, we recommend this set for a home with a contemporary decor scheme.

How we ranked the sets

As mentioned earlier, the basis for this ranking used IKEA reviews. The more reviews a product had, the higher it sat on this list. However, the most reviewed products also turned out to have the highest number of positive reviews. Because of this, we used other factors aside from the general number of reviews to determine whether a set was worth the cost. One of the top factors considered was the appearance and look of the set. Generally, this factor was what most people were positive about in their review and was often given the highest score within review ratings. This factor also includes the materials the sets are made from, a key thing to consider when it comes to the price of a set and especially for those priced at the higher end.

Another key aspect mentioned in reviews was durability and sturdiness, often an indication of how reviewers perceived an item in both a positive and negative light. Finally, how easy the assembly process of a set was played a major part in both a good and bad way for many reviewers. As most people put together IKEA furniture themselves, we included this information so buyers can know what to expect.