Organize And Store Valuables With An Unexpected But Brilliant Dollar Tree Hack

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If you have your jewelry collection or other small valuables strewn about your home in trinket trays, it's time for an organizational overhaul. While it's best to keep your jewelry and keepsakes in one safe location, jewelry boxes can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of items in need of storage space. For example, a wooden jewelry box can be at least $50, if not much more. Luckily, Dollar Tree is known for carrying an abundance of affordable items that often pull double duty, with pink foam hair rollers being a key organizational tool. Not only do they give your hair bounce and volume, but you can line a plastic tray with them, creating a cost-effective space for your smaller valuables, especially your rings. 

If you're familiar with Dollar Tree storage DIY ideas for the kitchen, then you know how versatile this affordable store is. The best part of this hack, in particular, is that these Dollar Tree pink foam rollers cost $1.25 for an eight or 10-pack, at the time of writing. Just be sure to purchase Dollar Tree's clear plastic desk organizer, too, as these foam rollers fit perfectly inside it. Once combined, you'll have a space for all your valuables, all for under $3. If you need more organizational space, you can always purchase larger plastic organizers, accommodating even more rows of Dollar Tree pink foam rollers. 

Fit Dollar Tree pink rollers in a plastic organizer

To carry out this hack, purchase the number of foam rollers and plastic drawer organizers that will comfortably organize all your valuables. Keep in mind that foam rollers come with a plastic component that secures them to your hair, so you'll need to remove this unless you want to keep necklaces or bracelets firmly in place. Without the plastic insert, your foam rollers should fit any space. If your foam rollers fit with the plastic inserts, you can always leave them in for extra durability. Additionally, you can glue your foam rollers to your plastic tray, preventing them from rolling around. You can also layer in as many rollers as needed. Once complete, add your jewelry and you'll have a place for all your valuables. 

If you have an abundance of jewelry and trinkets to organize, you can always buy a plastic bin with a lid and handle, perfect for storing all your items. Amazon sells these layered boxes for $21.99, which might quickly become the best jewelry organizers for your space. If you want to dress up your storage solution, you can line each plastic tray with contact paper. This adds a bit of whimsy to any project and makes it your own. You could also gift this item to someone, especially if you've purchased a piece of jewelry for them. If you really want to customize this hack, consider wrapping your rollers in a luxurious, velvety fabric, available on Amazon for $7.50 a yard.