Savvy DIYers Who Love IKEA Hacks Will Want To Know About This Must-Have Product

IKEA is pretty famous for its build-it-yourself furniture and that simple, minimalist Scandinavian style. But let's be honest; sometimes you want your IKEA piece to stand out a bit, to not look exactly like the same one your friend has in their living room. Whether you're getting a bit tired of the same old look or just itching to add a bit of personality to your furniture, there's a nifty IKEA hack you should definitely check out: overlays. These decorative panels, typically made of wood, come in different sizes and patterns that you can easily attach to your IKEA furniture.

IKEA's plain, minimalist design is precisely what sparks people's creativity and desire to spruce up their furniture with creative IKEA hacks that are entirely unique. While many DIY enthusiasts love enhancing their IKEA pieces with some woodworking skills or combining them with other IKEA items, not everyone is quite as handy or adventurous. That's where overlays come in, and they're a game-changer if you're not big on tools. They're super user-friendly; you only need some glue to attach elegant patterns to your furniture. And if you're feeling extra creative, you can even paint these overlays to add an extra pop of style to your piece.

How to hack your IKEA furniture using overlays

Overlay application is a breeze, catering to the DIY spirit of IKEA users. Recognizing IKEA users' love for DIYing, several online stores, including O'verlays and Etsy, offer a variety of overlays specifically for IKEA furniture. On O'verlays, simply find your IKEA piece and choose your preferred panel or kit, available in thicknesses of 1/8 and 1/4 inch (1/2-inch thickness is available as custom panels). Add your selection to the cart, and you're good to go. Etsy may not have as wide a range as O'verlays, but you can still find plenty of overlay options for various IKEA items. Just search for something like "IKEA + [product name] + overlay."

Once your overlay arrives, the next step is simple: attach it to your furniture using wood glue. As for painting, you have options. You can paint the overlays along with the furniture for a cohesive look, or if you prefer them as accent pieces, paint them separately in a contrasting color. If your furniture has knobs or handles, consider a trip to a local home improvement store to find replacements that complement the new overlay and paint you've added, enhancing the overall transformation.

Why you should use overlays on your IKEA products

Overlays are custom-made to fit your favorite pieces perfectly, so there's no fussing with alterations. Thinking of redecorating or transforming your space? Overlays are the way to go. These additions allow you to refresh your interiors without the hefty expense of purchasing new furniture to match your updated theme or aesthetic. It's a cost-effective and stylish solution for a home makeover.

Using overlays is also a fantastic strategy for upgrading your furniture before putting it up for sale. Just like evergreenrestorations's Instagram reel that showcases her IKEA dresser makeover, you can give your old IKEA furniture a complete makeover with a fresh coat of paint, trendy overlays, and sleek new handles. This does more than just rejuvenate your piece; it can significantly increase its resale value. You'll likely be able to sell it for much more than you would if you were to let it go in its original, pre-loved state. She was able to sell her five-year-old furniture for $650, which you can buy brand new at IKEA for $399.99!