The Kitchen Essentials You Should Avoid Buying From HomeGoods

Is HomeGoods your favorite place to buy kitchenware? The discount retailer is known as the go-to place to find great deals on all kinds of products for the home. HomeGoods sells a variety of items for the kitchen, and some of these offers seem like a real bargain. You can get unbelievable deals on high-end kitchen items and top brands like Lodge, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and more. However, not all the kitchen products at HomeGoods are a steal. Some of the kitchen items sold by this discounter are actually a complete waste of money. 

So, how do you know what to skip and what to buy? Generally, you'll want to avoid kitchen products from brands that aren't well-known. Also, give a hard pass to products that don't have good reviews online. You'll want to walk right past those super cheap plastic measuring spoons, cups, and other kitchen gadgets too, as that cheaper price often comes along with a lower-quality product.

Cheap and unknown brand kitchen products might not last

Avoid electric kitchen products like griddles, slow cookers, and toasters from unusual off-brands, as HomeGoods often stocks items from lesser-known labels that have a tendency to break easily (though these items may resemble brand-name products). If you see a great deal on one of these items and don't recognize the brand name, do a quick internet search. If the reviews aren't favorable, or you can't find out much information about the brand or product, skip it.

Also, skip out on really cheap plastic measuring spoons, cups, knives, and other supplies. If the product doesn't work or is ineffective, it doesn't make it a good deal — even if it's cheap. Instead, you want to invest in quality products that will function well and last a long time. High-quality utensils and kitchen products usually have features that make them safer and more enjoyable to use, such as heat-proof handles, and considering how much use they can get, the savings you get upfront aren't worth it in the long run.

The kitchen products you should buy at HomeGoods

So, what kitchen items should you should pick up at HomeGoods? Cookware is often worth buying at this retailer, as most HomeGoods stores have a great selection of high-quality pots and pans, stainless steel cookware, and cast iron cookware. Look for brand names like Le Creuset, All-Clad, OXO, and more. Food storage containers are also great items to purchase at HomeGoods. Many stores have a large selection of name-brand containers perfect for lunch or storing leftovers, so keep an eye out for Farberware and similar brands.

The cheap plastic measuring cups at HomeGoods aren't worth a second glance. But, if you find glass liquid measuring cups made by Pyrex or OXO, you'll want to scoop these up. These are a must-have for any kitchen. They last forever and clean up easily. HomeGoods has a variety of kitchen tools and gadgets, and although some of these are cheap and not worth buying, many of their offerings are high-quality and worth the money. For these, look for brands like ‎KitchenAid or OXO.