TikTok's Genius Solution For Bathtub Toy Storage

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Bathtub space often comes at a premium. Between hair and body products, face wash, and a host of loofahs, it can often feel impossible to find a square inch of free space. And if you have kids, then you most likely have a ton of bath toys everywhere. But bathtub clutter can also be a safety hazard, adding to the million slip and fall accidents that occur annually. Luckily, TikTok has plenty of resources available, and one of them teaches you how to organize your kid's bath toys with a Dollar Tree slotted tote basket. You can easily hang these baskets from your shower walls with nothing more than Command hooks, offering instant storage and organization. And if you already have a plastic tote basket and command hooks, then you can easily DIY bathroom storage with these items from around the house without spending a penny. 

Dollar Tree's slotted tote baskets are 14" and sell for $1.25 each, which means this hack comes with a low price tag. And since they're plastic, you can easily wash them when they get grimy and covered in soap scum. Plus, you can reuse them as your kids grow, having them double up as storage elsewhere around your home. Since these plastic totes come with holes on the sides of them, water drains out easily, making them ideal in the bath or shower. And if you have an abundance of bath items besides toys, you can purchase additional totes to organize your entire space. 

Install your Dollar Tree slotted tote baskets

As per a TikTok video shared by @dayzdecor, you should purchase the Dollar Tree slotted baskets that match your bathroom's aesthetic. These items you can use to organize your bathroom come in pink, teal, and royal blue, providing plenty of color choices. Next, drill holes in the bottom of the baskets so water can drain out. To install the hook, wipe down the bathtub wall with alcohol and prep the surface. Once your wall is dry, attach the Command hook. Just be sure to wait one hour before hanging anything on it so the adhesive is securely in place. You can purchase a three-pack on Amazon for $11.40. 

Dollar Tree also sells rectangular slotted baskets without handles, priced at $1.25. They come in a variety of sizes, so if you need additional storage space, you can go with this option as well. The baskets are just over 15" long and are ideal for long bath toys or even back scrubbers. To hang one from your wall, you could create makeshift handles out of zip ties, attaching one to either end of the basket. From there, place it on a Command hook. You can purchase reusable silicone zip ties on Amazon for $9, making this an affordable hack you can repurpose elsewhere in your home. This hack also works great in kitchens, bedrooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere in need of organization.