The Must-Have Under-Sink Storage Solution Pinterest Swears By

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If you want to have a truly clean and organized house but have limited square footage, you need to know how to maximize storage space in your small home. Whether that means installing built-ins or adding something more simple like baskets in heavily-trafficked areas, including storage solutions is an easy way to really improve your living space. One place you may not have previously considered for a storage solution is under your sink, as you may not think that an organizer can fit in the space. However, there is one specific product that will increase the amount of items you can fit in the area. Pinterest is currently loving under-sink organizers that keep your space tidy for good. These can help you get the most out of your cabinet, even with the sink and pipes in the way.

"I LOVE these," Abbey said on her blog interiorsbyabbey in regards to under-sink organizers. "Honestly, having these in any low cabinet spaces is a back saver. Plus, you also make the most of the space under your sink!" The best part of these organizers is that they either include a cut-out section where your piping can go or have adjustable features so you can make the organizer fit regardless of your piping situation.

Under-sink organization options to consider

The area underneath your sink, either in the kitchen or the bathroom, can be a hard place to organize. The piping often takes up a lot of space, making many organizers unusable. This is why you need to look for an organizer that takes the piping into account. Pinterest recommends the OBOR Expandable 2 Tier Cupboard Organizer, which costs about $35 on Amazon, because it features adjustable rods that you can tailor to your sink's needs. You can adjust the shelving as well to make space for the piping. This is a great option if you have multiple pipes under your sink, as you can move around the shelves as needed to make space for every pipe that's in the way.

Another option is the Venoly Home Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack from Amazon, which costs $30. This rack is rust-proof, which is super important for under the sink where pipes often drip. It can also be expanded or retracted depending on the width of your under-sink space. Once you have your shelves assembled, you can fill them with all of your essentials. In the kitchen, this may mean cleaning supplies, dish soap, and sponges, while you could store toiletries, makeup, and hair tools in the bathroom.

How to maximize under-sink organization

The expandable organizer racks are great solutions for pretty much any cabinet with exposed drainage or piping. However, before you press "Buy Now" on your Amazon account, make sure you are paying close attention to the dimensions of the rack — it is expandable, but you want to make sure it will fit under your specific space. You also want to consider what you'll be using the organizer for. Many people make the mistake of using their under-sink storage for items that are flammable or contain harsh chemicals. Avoid placing those items on the organizer, as they can become dangerous if wet. Similarly, avoid storing anything that can grow mold should the sink leak or drip like towels or food items.

You may also need even more products to really increase the storage under your sink. By using the racks in conjunction with other space-saving items, you can really maximize the space. For instance, using spinning trays is a great way to be able to see all of your items without having to remove anything. These will also help hold loose items like medications, brushes, or dishwasher pods. Other options include using small clear drawers, which will allow you to see what's inside each drawer quickly, or adding hooks to your cabinet doors for hanging items like brushes and cleaning sprays.