Get The Look Of A Rattan Headboard For A Fraction Of The Cost With This Easy DIY

Rattan headboards are the perfect add-on for lovers of a boho bedroom, but they can get pricey. We're talking around $280 at Walmart – and that's a starting point. That said, for anyone hoping to recreate the look on a budget, that's more than possible. All you need to do is secure some placemats to a board. 

As seen in a post by TikToker @emilyrayna, rattan placemats make for a great first step to this hack. Secured to a foam board (or even plywood, but we'll delve into that in a bit) with hot glue, it mimics the look of a professionally-made rattan headboard. And, with rattan placemats starting at around $18 for a pack of four on Amazon, it can be done pretty cheaply, too. 

Other than the placemats, hot glue (just under $10 at Walmart) and foam board (under $15 at Amazon), you'll also need to stock up on some twine in the same shade as the mats. This will help cover up any smaller sections in between the placemats, and can even be used to create a clean border around the edge of the headboard. Your bedroom is about to become a whole lot more boho chic — but minus the hefty price tag. 

Glue rattan placemats to your headboard

First thing's first, a note on your base. While @emilyrayna shared via TikTok that she'd used a foam board for her headboard, finding that in the right size can be a little tricky. You'll probably have to head in to your local craft store to ask for the right size to be cut. For reference, a headboard for a queen size bed will be around 60 to 63 inches wide and 48 inches tall. Not managing to find those dimensions, or need something different for your own bed? You could also get a sheet of plywood, instead. Again, head to your local wood shop to have a sheet cut to the exact size you need. Aside from being easier to source, it'll also offer more stability than foam would. 

Once you have your base, it's time to stick those placemats on. Start by plotting out the design you'd like. There's no set way to get this done — just make sure you love how it all looks. Then, when you're happy with it, all you'll need to secure them is some hot glue. 

If you're noticing any empty spots (almost a given, if you're using anything other than perfectly square or rectangular placemats), simply cover those spots with your twine. A 600-ft roll goes for around $6 on Amazon and is available in a range of colors — but it's also a great opportunity to repurpose twine you already have in the house. Voila!

Use a variety of placemats and coasters for a fun design

Square or rectangular placemats are certainly helpful if you're wanting to create a very straightforward rattan headboard. However, if you'd prefer something more intricate, you could also play around with a variety of more rounded shapes. Start off by plotting your larger, rounded placemats on your board of choice, then fill in gaps with coasters (available in packs of 12 on Amazon for around $15). Again, any leftover areas can be filled up with your twine, which will only add to the textures of the design. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can play around with rattan placemats and coasters in different designs and colors. Amazon stocks fun, intricately patterned placemats starting at around $28 that could easily be used in tandem with more basic options. They also offer mats in a variety of colors for around $40. And, if you're not a fan of overly colorful headboards, you could also play around with lighter and darker shades of rattan. 

Once you've glued all your pieces to the board, all that's left to do is put it in place, secure (no-damage double-sided tape works a treat, and goes for under $4 on Amazon), and make your bed. To create a truly bohemian-style bedroom, we'd recommend keeping the rest of your decor equally natural, while accenting with fun touches like pompoms and fairy lights. Bedtime, the boho way.