TikTok's Renter-Friendly Solution For Bathroom Storage Is A Game Changer

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Are you a renter looking to add more storage space to your bathroom? Are your bathroom cabinets stuffed to the brim? Do you have dry shampoo bottles, deodorants, and makeup just lying around on your bathroom counter? Having an untidy bathroom can be annoying and throw your whole day off. But if you have a landlord, you are probably very limited in terms of what you can do to add more space. You can't really install a shelf or wall storage without drilling into the walls and jeopardizing your security deposit. 

Fortunately, we've found a great TikTok from @neatlyembellished that shows the perfect apartment bathroom storage solution — no power tools required. It's a narrow storage cabinet that costs less than $120 on Amazon and fits perfectly in even the tiniest bathrooms. With this cabinet, you'll have a clutter-free bathroom in no time. The best part is that you won't have to worry about getting your landlord's permission, since there's nothing to attach to the walls. You won't even have to get your toolbox out as this cabinet comes fully assembled.

This narrow cabinet was made for rentals

The viral storage cabinet found on TikTok features four drawers and a top storage section with a lift-up lid. You can store things like toilet paper, makeup wipes, and hygiene products in this unit. The width is less than 7 inches, so it fits pretty much anywhere, enabling you to use all of your bathroom space. This cabinet has rolling casters so you can move it from room to room. It also has clear drawers, which allow you to see what's inside. This is convenient for keeping track of your everyday bathroom items.

The main disadvantage of the storage cabinet we see on TikTok is that it is not very attractive. It is made out of polypropylene and has somewhat of a utilitarian look. Amazon sells a more aesthetically pleasing narrow cabinet for less than $90. This one might be a better choice if you are going for a spa-like look in your bathroom. You can put plants or decor on the top of the unit to make your bathroom look even nicer. This cabinet is also a very renter-friendly solution perfect for smaller bathrooms. If you have the space, it would be perfect for the area between your bathroom variety and toilet. This particular cabinet is just under 8 inches wide. It features just one drawer and devotes the rest of its space to shelves, which might provide better access to hand towels and toiletries. There's also a toilet paper rod, which is a nice space-saving feature.