Why You Should Place A Pair Of Old Boots On Your Front Porch

There are countless ways to improve our homes. Renovations, upgrades, and decorations are fun to focus on because they make our living space feel more comfortable and personal. However, there's something that needs even more attention, and that's home safety. When there are effective safety protocols in place, the occupants of a residence along with their property will be secure and there will be peace of mind. This is especially necessary when you're away from home, whether for a few hours or weeks at a time. By leaving old boots at the front door, you can create the illusion that someone is inside, which could help protect your home from break-ins.

Home safety can take a lot of forms. Some people invest in high-tech security systems so their house is always under surveillance and all activities can be tracked. Others try out inexpensive tips to protect their homes from intruders like jamming the door or displaying fake security signs. Another inexpensive tip that helps secure the home, especially when you're away, is the boots trick. It's one simple thing you can do to make people think twice about breaking in.

Create the illusion of someone being at home

One of the terrifying tricks burglars use to break into your home is to monitor your movements and familiarize themselves with your schedule. Having a defined routine for going and coming can create a window of opportunity, so it helps to try out different things that don't make your home appear empty and therefore unguarded. Placing a pair of old boots on your front porch or doorstep can help because it creates the illusion that someone is in the home.

All you need to do is get a pair of boots for this purpose. Big, worn, muddy boots are recommended because they communicate that there's someone inside with a considerable presence who can defend the home if need be. You can use one some of your own shoes, like a well-used pair or some that are ready to be thrown out, if desired. On the other hand, if you don't have any big boots, check the thrift store for a cheap, worn pair. Discreetly place them outside when leaving the home and they might be just what was needed to deter a break-in or an undesirable visitor.

This trick also helps when living alone

Leaving old boots on the front porch can also help people who live alone and want to create the illusion of someone else being in the house. Some single women who live by themselves use this approach. For example, if a contractor comes to work on the home and you feel unsafe about it, leave the boots outside or even inside where the shoes go. You can also casually mention in conversation that you have a partner or roommate and they are in a different part of the house or are coming home soon.

Further, note that this works best when combined with other safety measures, as the main idea is to make your home as difficult of a target as possible. Having signs that show that someone is home and the area is being watched will make a robber hesitate because they know it won't be easy to get in and out without being noticed. If you want more ideas on how to secure your house, check out House Blog's top safety tips for extended stays away from home.