How A Handheld Broom Can Keep Your Oven Spotless

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When you think about cleaning your oven, you might imagine a long, drawn-out process that includes several different cleaning products, those big yellow rubber gloves, and a sore back after hours spent stooped over. While cleaning your oven thoroughly might be a task that gets relegated to the "eventually" pile, keeping this appliance tidy and residue-free can be quite simple and will save you strain down the line. By using a small, handheld broom to sweep up messes, you can preserve your oven's cleanliness after each use.

Whenever you bake or broil food items, the potential for crumbs or spills inside your oven is present. Sometimes this detritus can go unnoticed for weeks, which creates odors from the old, burnt pieces. These crumbs can also be a safety hazard, especially if they catch fire while the oven is on. Grease spills can stain the interior, and your appliance could suffer from all the debris. Cleaning up after spills immediately is the surest way to keep your oven in good condition and avoid odors and other hazards. Using a soft-bristled brush on your appliance is one of the best ways to clean your oven naturally.

Keep a handheld broom handy

Keep a handheld broom within close range of your oven at all times. After you've finished cooking, let the oven cool down completely, then sweep crumbs and other detritus into a dustpan. Make sure to sweep along the seam where the door hinges at the bottom, as this can be a place that accumulates a lot of debris as time goes on. You can use the broom to easily clean your oven racks, then brush the sides and top of the interior as well. Finish by sweeping everything that falls off into the pan. This will ensure that no leftover food gets stuck anywhere in your oven, keeping it cleaner for longer. Wiping the interior down with a clean cloth afterwards will remove any lingering stains as well.

A brush made out of stiff, organic bristles is the best option for your oven, like the Huibot Hand Broom on Amazon that costs about $13. This tool can withstand intense brushing to scrape away crumbs and burnt pieces without losing bristles in the process. It's ideal to keep this handheld brush solely for oven use, as it comes into contact with areas that touch your food. Don't overlap a floor broom for your oven cleaner to avoid cross-contamination and bacteria. Also know that you'll still need to periodically clean this appliance thoroughly, and how often you need to clean your oven depends on how frequently you use it.