This Wire Hanger Hack Will Brighten Up Your Front Porch With Flowers

If you're looking for spring decor ideas, a simple DIY hanging decoration can enhance your front porch and make your home more welcoming. In a TikTok video, the channel @hometalk shows viewers how to create a gorgeous floral decoration that's perfect for spring and Easter. All you need are some faux flowers, hot glue, floral foam blocks, pipe cleaners, and a wire hanger. In short, you can attach foam blocks to a bent hanger and insert flowers into the foam.

This DIY craft is a great way to repurpose hangers that are taking up closet space, and it's also a perfect opportunity to use up pipe cleaners, faux flowers, or other craft supplies that you already have on hand. To make your decor even more unique, try adding ribbons or other cute spring- or Easter-themed accessories. This project is extremely customizable since you can choose whatever flowers or greenery you like. When you're finished with your floral decoration, simply hang it from your front door or the base of your porch light.

Crafting your spring porch decor

To make your floral porch decor, you'll first have to squeeze the triangular portion of your hanger to make it a bit narrower. Then, take the two ends and bend them downward so that the hook is at the top and the two curved ends are side by side at the bottom. Depending on the size of your foam blocks, you may need to glue two of them together or cut one down to the right size. The foam should be tall enough to conceal the bent portion of your hanger, leaving just the hook sticking up from the top.

Fasten your hanger to the blocks by tying pipe cleaners all the way around the project. Use as many as necessary to completely secure the wire — you can even add hot glue to the pipe cleaners if you'd like your craft to be a bit sturdier. Next, stick the stems of faux greenery and flowers into the foam. Make sure to fill out the sides and bottom so there are no bare spots. If you're on a budget, your local dollar store is a great place to look for floral craft supplies, including the foam and tape. You can also use the store's seasonal offerings, like these Dollar Tree Easter egg pick decorations, or simply tie a ribbon into a bow and glue it onto your project.

Make a seasonal wreath with a wire hanger

If you prefer the circular aesthetic of a traditional wreath, you can skip the floral foam altogether and just work with flowers, greenery, and a wire hanger. You'll also need floral tape or wire. For this craft, start by pulling on your hanger from the bottom until the wire makes a square. You can either use this as your wreath's base, or you can try to stretch it out further so the shape more closely resembles a circle.

If your faux florals and greenery have wire stems, try twisting them around your hanger. You can also wrap floral wire around the flowers and hanger to hold them in place. Floral tape is another viable option — if you don't want to use it to secure each wire, you might want to layer it over any pointy ends. Hot glue any areas that seem unstable, and continue filling in your wreath until you can't see the wire hanger (besides the hook, of course). This wire hanger hack is an easy way to beautify your porch for spring or decorate for Easter, depending on which florals you choose.