This Simple Detergent Bottle DIY Is A Genius Way To Attract More Birds To Your Yard

Most people throw out laundry detergent bottles as soon as they're empty, but there are better options — you could be using them to attract more birds to your yard. There are some great ways to repurpose your old laundry detergent bottles and one of the best is to create a DIY bird feeder. Placing a bird feeder in your yard can make your home more welcoming to birds and can be well worth the effort. Bottles of all kinds can work well when creating a DIY bird feeder, but laundry detergent bottles are excellent choices because of their large size and durability compared to other types of plastic bottles. 

Although bird feeders that are made from laundry detergent bottles may not be as durable as storebought feeders that are made of stronger materials, you can easily make a replacement when needed. Since you'll need to buy laundry detergent regularly anyway, you'll always have the necessary supplies to make another bird feeder for your home when the time comes to do so. DIY bird feeders are also a great choice because you can get very creative with their designs. You can paint them and decorate them as needed to achieve the exact look that you want.

Making a laundry detergent bottle into a bird feeder

Once you've used up all of your liquid laundry detergent, take the bottle and clean it thoroughly. Rinse the bottle and get rid of any excess detergent that's inside. After you do this, create a hole in the front of the bottle that will allow your birds to gain access. Place the hole in the middle of the bottle to ensure that there's enough room under it to contain any seed that you add. It's also a good idea to install a small perch under the hole using a pencil, a stick, or another small item. Finally, add a wire or string to the detergent bottle's handle to hang it from a tree.

After creating your bird feeder, you can alter its appearance in any way that you'd like. You may decide to paint it or add other flourishes that help it stand out. This can also help it look like more than just a repurposed laundry detergent bottle and can help you create a unique DIY bird feeder that's interesting and artistic and that rivals store-bought bird feeders.

Getting the most out of your DIY bird feeder

While making a DIY bird feeder out of a laundry detergent bottle couldn't be simpler, you'll want to remember a few things to get the most out of it. Be sure to put your bird feeder in a great location where you know birds would like to rest and stay for a while. Place it where you already notice bird activity, such as under the shelter of trees. Alternatively, consider placing the bird feeder in a place where you know that you and your family will be able to watch it easily, such as just outside of a window.

To attract birds to your yard, you should also think carefully about your birdseed choices as well. Buy high-quality bird seeds to ensure that there will be a low proportion of fillers. This will make it more likely that birds will use your feeder. You may also want to consider the type of birds that are in your area and what types you would like to attract when choosing the bird seed for your DIY bird feeder. The birdseed you choose can greatly influence what kinds of birds come to check it out. If you have a lot of squirrels in your area, also keep this in mind. You may want to add a baffle to prevent the squirrel from accessing the feeder or consider other ways to get rid of squirrels to keep them away from your DIY bird feeder.