The Dollar Tree Essential That Easily Prevents Plastic Tablecloths From Flying Up

Do you frequently host or attend outdoor picnics, parties, or meetings? Do you live in an area known for windy weather? Does the wind sometimes cause your tablecloth to blow up, or maybe even away, interfering with your festivities? Well, luckily, there are some useful hacks to keep your tablecloth in place and prevent the wind from causing trouble ... at least for your tablecloth.

One of those convenient hacks only requires cheap clothespins. Just use the clothespins to hold each corner of the tablecloth securely in place so it will stay put in the wind. And the best part is that you can get the clothespins from Dollar Tree if you don't already have any. After all, there's nothing attractive about rocks sitting on a tablecloth to hold it down, especially when you're trying to host an elegant outdoor dinner party. Moreover, don't assume lighter objects like plates will be enough to keep the tablecloth in place — the clothespin hack is your best bet.

The Dollar Tree clothespins are super practical and accessible

This Dollar Tree laundry item is helpful for so much more than just laundry. Made of wood in a light brown tone, the clothespins are 0.375 inches wide and 1.875 inches long. Dollar Tree even suggests additional ideas for what shoppers can use these clothespins for, such as art projects and mood boards. Feel free to experiment with them and try different projects in addition to securing your tablecloth. 

The Crafter's Square Wooden Clothespins are available at Dollar Tree for $1.25 per pack of 24 clothespins. However, you have to buy a minimum of 24 packs per order, totaling a price of $30 if you choose to buy online. Digital retail clearly offers a lot of convenience, but in this instance, assuming you don't want to buy quite so many packs at once, you may prefer to visit your local Dollar Tree.

Consider painting the Dollar Tree clothespins

Do you like the idea of a hack where you use clothespins to secure your tablecloth in the wind but don't like the look of light brown wood? Don't let the appearance prevent you from trying the hack because you think clothespins look off-putting or clash with your tablecloth. Instead, get creative and do some painting. There are hundreds of posts dedicated to painted clothespins on Instagram, showing the once-boring-looking items appearing super fun with bright colors, heart designs, polka dots, and other exciting patterns and details.

If you want an ultra-glamorous look, paint the clothespins black and dress them up with gold leaf. Whether you fully cover them in the gold leaf or add subtle touches, the gold vibes will likely make everyone shocked that the clothespins are from Dollar Tree and are in no way associated with a high-end luxury clothespin brand.