Take Advantage Of Cabinet Door Space In Your Bathroom With This Dollar Tree DIY

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Bathrooms with limited storage space can easily become cluttered. Thankfully, there are quite a few items you can use to organize your bathroom and optimize storage space. Some people choose to use storage containers or baskets to sort items that won't fit into cabinets. Additional shelving can also be helpful in combatting clutter. This dollar-store storage solution is yet another creative bathroom idea that can keep your space organized.

The affordable DIY storage system attaches to the inside of your bathroom cabinet, meaning you can keep items sorted and out of site. To build this organizer, you'll need six magnetic tins, a magnetic board, Command Velcro strips, and glue. The tiny magnetic tins are perfect for small items you might store in your bathroom, such as cotton swabs, hair ties, cotton pads, or hair clips. TikTok user @makeitwithmicah shared a video demonstrating this hack, and they used the organizer to store hair accessories, makeup wipes, and fingernail clippers. Let's dive into how to build this affordable DIY project that will help maximize storage in your bathroom.

Assemble your bathroom organizer in just a few simple steps

If you want to create the DIY bathroom storage shown in @makeitwithmicah's video, you'll need to gather the materials shown. Excluding the Command Velcro strips, all of the necessary items for this project can likely be purchased from your local Dollar Tree. You can also purchase various quantities of Velcro Command strips from Amazon for less than $20.

After rounding up all of your supplies, start by attaching six tins to your magnetic board. Next, attach your Command strips to the back of the board and the inside of your preferred cabinet door. This is where you'll attach the completed organizer.

Finally, fill each tin with the items of your choice. Once you replace the lid on each tin, you're ready to place the organizer on the inside of your cabinet door. In their video, @makeitwithmicah places their finished project inside what appears to be an under-the-sink cabinet. If you prefer, you can place the organizer in a higher cabinet for easier access to your stored items.

Similar storage options can get expensive

This DIY organization solution is already a great way to save money, but you might be surprised by just how affordable it is when compared to similar products. For reference, the total cost of the supplies needed for this project comes out to about $10. That's assuming you purchase all of the items from the Dollar Tree and opt for this pack of four Velcro Command strips for $4.45. This storage rack sold by Home Depot also attaches to the back of a cabinet door, but it's priced at $29.98. That nearly $20 difference might convince you to set aside some time to create a DIY organizer rather than purchasing one.

In addition to assembling this money-saving project, you may also want to consider a few other organization tips. First, there's no need to store items you no longer use, so donate or toss anything that's just creating clutter in your home. Next, search for ways to expand your storage space. The DIY organizer is a great option, but you can also pair it with other solutions, like storage baskets or a floating shelving unit. Finally, you can repurpose items you already have to help with bathroom organization, like keeping cotton balls or toothbrushes in old glass jars.