The Space-Saving Features On Ryobi's Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Are A Game Changer

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If you're like most people, you're always looking for garage storage ideas to make the space seem bigger. After finding space for all the tools, outdoor power equipment, and the kids' toys, it's tough to squeeze the car inside, too. Organizing your garage storage like a professional is one option that helps. It's also smart to purchase products that occupy as little space as possible when storing them.

Ryobi's self-propelled battery-powered lawn mower, the RY40190 (available at Amazon with a 40V battery and a charger for about $500), gives you some advantages over other walk-behind mowers regarding storage, as it can fold down to a small size. It also has a built-in area to carry a second battery and a design that securely supports the unit if you store it upright.

The collapsible telescoping handles fold down to nearly mimic the overall footprint of the Ryobi battery-powered mower's main section, meaning there is very little overhang, which would affect storage space requirements. The handle's design allows it to fold completely around the battery compartment on the top of the mower deck. The segments that make up the handle have open space surrounding the battery compartment. The control buttons and levers at the top of the handle do not touch the battery compartment, allowing it to be flatter and more compact for storage.

How to fold down the Ryobi 40V walk-behind mower to a small size for storage

When fully assembled, the Ryobi RY40190 mower has a 20-inch mower deck cutting width. The overall width of the unit's deck with the wheels attached is 21.5 inches. The mower's height is 39 inches, while it has a 62.5-inch length with the mower handle extended for use.

To prepare the Ryobi RY40190 mower for storage, you'll want to compress the telescopic handles on the mower. The adjustable telescopic handle lets you set its length to make it as comfortable as possible when walking behind it — but you want the handle compressed as short as possible for storage. Flip the levers on the top of the handle to allow you to slide it down, compressing it to its shortest possible length.

Remove the bag from the back of the unit and take out the battery. (It's difficult to remove the battery once you fold down the Ryobi unit for storage.) Additionally, you should adjust the cutting height to the lowest setting to allow for the most compact size for storage. Then turn the handle adjustment knobs, which are near the back of the mower. Once they're loose, you can fold the handle toward the front of the deck. Once it's down, tighten the knobs to lock everything in place.

Other space-saving features on the Ryobi battery-powered mower

One helpful space-saving feature with the Ryobi mower is the extra space inside the battery compartment that allows you to keep a second, charged battery on hand when you need extra power to finish cutting your grass. Rather than having to hike back into the house to grab the second battery, you can swap out the dead unit and mow again in a minute or two. The battery compartment is on the top of the Ryobi unit. The cover flips up to expose the connector where you can insert the 40-volt battery to operate the machine. The other side of the compartment has a storage area for the second battery.

As another space-saving option, the Ryobi RY40190 has a design that allows you to store the unit upright, rather than horizontally. Once you fold down the handle, the back of the mower's rear supports are exposed. These provide two more points where the mower touches the ground when stored vertically, working with the rear wheels to create four contact points with the ground for secure storage.

Although you could try to hang the unit on storage hooks, the Ryobi Link storage system (available on Home Depot for about $15) only has a 50-pound weight capacity. The mower has a 56-pound weight, according to Ryobi's specifications.

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