Unlock Extra Space In Your Kitchen Pantry With This Must-Have Dollar Tree Find

We all dread opening the pantry, especially if it isn't organized. As much as you try to keep it looking neat, it never lasts for more than a week. Piles of chip bags fall off the shelf, and loaves of bread get smushed by cans stacked too high. When you go grocery shopping for a few things, they disrupt the system, causing pantry chaos. Organizing the pantry with labeled storage containers can help, but it doesn't work for every household. You don't always buy the same items when you go grocery shopping, so you end up with a mix of bins and bags on shelves. Luckily, there's an easier way to keep the kitchen pantry tidy and even free up space by using collapsible storage baskets from Dollar Tree.

TikTok user @sensationalfinds figured out the best way to use these baskets in her home and posted a video to share her genius find with her followers. She labeled her baskets so that each person had their own and could put anything they wanted inside. The small baskets fit perfectly on most pantry shelves and are perfect for storing snacks, cans, or other packaged items. Plus, they are stackable, so you can fill them up and stack them to save space in the pantry. You can purchase them at Dollar Tree for $1.25.

Use collapsible baskets to make space in your pantry

You might think that adding baskets to your pantry will take up more space than it can give. While they may take up a third of your shelf, they hold various items that will free up space on the rest of the shelf for you to store larger items. Since they're stackable, you'll have three times the storage on a single shelf.

You can categorize the baskets to hold specific items and then fill the remaining space with items that don't belong to a category. For instance, if you have kids, go to the gym, and enjoy baking, try filling one basket with all of your kids' snacks, a second basket with gym snacks, and a third basket with baking ingredients. Snacks that are in smaller packages won't take up too much space or overflow the top, so you can easily stack the baskets on top of each other. After occupying one part of the shelf, use the other part to store bulky boxes or large jars.

When you categorize your baskets, label them with a simple Post-it note or use removable labels designed specifically for the baskets. These labels can be found at Dollar Tree for $1.25. Each one comes with three label holders and 12 blank labels, so you can switch them out if you decide to change your basket's category.

Easily store away your baskets and use them for other items

The best part about these Dollar Tree baskets is that they're collapsible, so you can fold them down and store them away when you're not using them. Just fold down the sides flat so they fit in any narrow slot, drawer, or cabinet in the kitchen. If you don't have extra space in the kitchen, stow them away in a storage closet or the laundry room.

On the other hand, you don't have to limit the baskets solely to pantry organization. Things always get left behind on the kitchen counter, from toys to shopping bags. Keep the counter tidy by setting baskets on the stairs that are designated for each person. When a family member leaves something behind, place it in the basket so they can take it up to their room. You can even use it to store art supplies, school essentials, and other crafty items. 

Or, use a basket outside of the house. Store it in your car to hold reusable shopping bags or the materials you bought while running errands. You'll have an easier time carrying them inside. When you're not using the baskets, fold them down and keep them in the trunk. The possibilities are endless when finding ways to use Dollar Tree baskets. They're incredibly affordable, so you can buy multiples and figure out the best way to use them around your home.