DIY A Gorgeous Easter Mantle Display With This Easy Pool Noodle Hack

If you're looking for a simple and creative way to decorate your mantle this Easter, this genius pool noodle hack is the perfect DIY project. By slipping pool noodles over the edges of your mantle, you can make a base for inserting faux flowers, pick decorations, and easily hanging garlands. This DIY project is extremely customizable and could also be used to create the cutest spring decor.

Even if you don't have any leftover foam noodles from summer or other crafting projects, this mantle display can be made rather inexpensively. At Walmart, swimming pool noodles are $1 a piece, or you could use extra foam pipe insulation that may be lying around your home. You can find a variety of fake florals and greenery at Dollar Tree, like this spring gerbera daisy bush. 

Besides flowers, you may also want to adorn your mantle with classic Easter imagery, such as colorful eggs and bunnies. Dollar Tree also has these adorable Easter egg pick decorations as well as these carrot picks that could be easily stuck into the foam of your pool noodles. When Easter is over, simply pull the noodles off and save them for next year or swap out the decorations in the noodles for the next season or holiday. 

DIYing an Easter mantle display with pool noodles

To accomplish this hack, first measure the length of the three sides of your mantle. You'll need this same length of pool noodles to provide full coverage. If you'd like, you could choose to only decorate the front edge. Cut your pool noodles to the correct sizes for each edge, make a slit lengthwise down each noodle, and slide them onto your mantle. 

Now, you can get creative and fill the space with your decorations. If you have bouquets of faux flowers, trim off each flower, leaving a short stem, and stick it into the foam. Continue to do this with all your greenery and flowers, making sure to use enough so that you cannot see the vibrant color of the noodle poking through.

Once the flowers cover most of the foam, insert your pick decorations sporadically throughout the piece. If the sticks are too long, simply trim them to be the right length to fit in snuggly. Garlands could then be hung from the foam, using pick decorations to secure the ends. This Ashland speckled egg garland for $10 from Michaels would be a great choice, as well as this Michaels bunny garland for $20. You may also consider placing decorative Easter baskets, rabbit sculptures, or even potted plants on top of your mantle to further enhance your decor. With this simple DIY, you can decorate your home for Easter quickly and easily without overspending.