5 Ways To Hop On The 2024 Bathroom Design Trend That's Taking Over TikTok

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This year, it's all about creating spaces we want to spend time in — and that includes our bathrooms. Whether you are looking to do a full bathroom remodel or just want to spruce things up a bit, 2024 is the year to do it. Interior designers have found that this year's bathroom trends lean towards things like sustainable luxury, bold colors, and natural elements. As expected, TikTokers have taken note. In fact, they have found an easy way to liven up your bathroom by creating a bathroom accent wall.

An accent wall is one wall that draws the eye in, and it can truly transform a space when done right. In years past, we have seen accent walls that are simply a color that's different from the other walls. This year, TikTokers are going a step further, adding hanging space and shelving, using materials like wood and concrete, and not being afraid to paint things black. If your bathroom is ready for a refresh, consider hopping on the accent wall trend with these five TikTok-approved ideas.

1. Use wood slats to create interest

If you're up for a bit of a project, consider using wood to add interest to your bathroom. Wood slats can instantly elevate a space, taking it from builder-grade drab to design aficionado fab. Vertical slats are all you really need to create texture, but you can also use wood to create a variety of designs. TikToker @Savvynat used wood slats to create a chevron pattern in their bathroom. 

To mirror their idea, you will need ¼-inch 4x8 plywood cut into four strips (pro tip: ask the store where you buy the wood if they can cut it for you to save time). Each side will need a 45-degree angle cut — this is what will give you the chevron pattern. Before you begin putting up the wood, make a mark at the center of your wall. Starting from the bottom, add the pieces and work your way up using adhesive first and then a nail gun to finish. To make it more streamlined, @Savvynat also added a 1-inch wood border to each side and caulked it. This TikToker chose to paint the wood black, but you can leave it natural or opt for your color of choice.

2. Don't be afraid to go black

When we are designing our homes, we often avoid dark, bold colors, specifically black. But black is having a moment, especially in our bathrooms, and can turn a simple space into an elegant oasis. Following the lead of @Home_Decordiy on TikTok, if you are afraid of things being too dark, consider using black for your accent wall.

This TikToker incorporated wood slats and painted them black, but you don't need the wood to make a statement. If you are simply painting one wall black, you can make it even more eye-catching by incorporating other design elements as well. Consider adding gold hardware, which will really make the black stand out, or as @Home_DecorDIY did for their wall, add greenery for a more natural vibe. To ensure your bathroom doesn't become too dark, add mirrors and keep things neutral elsewhere. You will also want to make sure your storage space is well thought out — a cluttered, dark bathroom can make things feel dungeon-like very quickly.

3. Create a usable space for hanging towels

Usually, our biggest issue when it comes to our bathrooms is storage. We have found some great ideas for making our bathrooms more functional, including using the back of the door and adding shelves over the toilet, but how do we stop our family members (we're looking at you, kids), from throwing their towels all over the floor? TikToker @kaystephhoffmann shared a great idea that not only solves our towel problem, but also leans into the accent wall trend.

By using wood boards — she used primed pine boards in sizes 1x3, 1x4, and 1x2 — paint, and hooks, she created a gorgeous, usable space in her children's bathroom. To create a similar look, use half the wall and place the wood slats about a towel-width apart. Once complete, paint with your color of choice — this TikToker used the color Sierra by Behr — and add wood hooks for the towels. For extra design, place framed photos above each section and a colorful shower curtain to round it out.

4. Incorporate shelving and decor

If you have a separate toilet room, it likely stands undecorated. But just because it is a room specifically made for going to the bathroom doesn't mean it can't also benefit from some design. For example, @Fitsportsmom on TikTok showed how she used open shelving to create an accent wall in her small bathroom space.

To create this look, you will need three wood shelves placed vertically on top of each other. You can DIY these shelves by using wood slabs or you can buy them as-is. This TikToker commented that she purchased hers on Etsy, but you can also find them on Amazon for about $40 or Target for about $37. Once you hang up your shelves, add decor items like greenery and candles. To make the shelves usable, you can also add toilet paper roll holders for your extra rolls — these wicker options from Amazon for $30 are a great option — or use bins to hide away things like room spray or feminine products.

5. Apply concrete for a unique finish

Painting a wall in your bathroom can add a bit of spark, but why not take it a step further and use a different material to paint your wall? The TikToker @KaylaSimoneHome showed how she used concrete to paint the wall behind her sink, creating a gorgeous focal point in her bathroom. She also notes that the concrete held up despite commenters saying it would chip and cause mold, making it a great option for your space.

Meanwhile, @HomebyMM on TikTok did a similar design and showed us step-by-step how it's done. First, add painter's tape to the edges of the wall you plan to paint and then prime the area using a paint roller. Then grab your concrete — you can buy it from Home Depot for about $10 — and mix it up before applying it to your wall using a trowel. Once the concrete is fully dry, remove the tape and viola. A gorgeous accent wall is complete.