Open Stubborn Jar Lids With This Simple Wooden Utensil Trick

Few things are more frustrating than struggling to open a stubborn jar when hunger strikes. You reach for a knife or tea towel and use all your strength to take the lid apart, but it simply doesn't work. A possible reason is that some lids have a sealing compound that forms an airtight seal as the jar cools. Its role is to prevent tampering and preserve food freshness. But this safety seal can also make it harder to remove the lid.

As surprising as it may sound, a wooden spoon should do the trick. The best part is that this trick doesn't require brute strength, making it suitable for those with painful hand joints. It's so simple that even a child can do it. Plus, using a wooden spoon to get the lid off a jar is safer than maneuvering a knife, less messy than running the jar under hot water, and cheaper than a fancy jar opener.

Removing a jar lid with a wooden spoon

This life-changing hack requires nothing but a wooden spoon. Simply hold a jar in your hand and smack the side of the lid's rim. You'll hear a popping sound, indicating that the seal has broken, and the lid will come off like magic. While it's hard to tell who came up with the wooden spoon method, we know it went viral thanks to a TikTok video shared by @BBC. "OMG! This worked. I've had a jar for six months, which I could not open — and I had tried every suggested trick," one TikTok user commented (via TikTok). Others said they got the same results by tapping the rim on the side of the counter or kitchen table.

If smacking the rim doesn't work, you can also try hitting the top of the lid with a wooden spoon a few times until you hear the popping noise. Twist off the lid as soon as you hear the seal break. If you're worried about accidentally breaking your jar, try the flour method to effortlessly remove the lid. This simple hack involves sprinkling a pinch of all-purpose flour around the lid's edge, making it easier to break the seal. For a better grip, put on a pair of rubber gloves before twisting off the lid.