Say Goodbye To Door Hardware Installation Troubles With This Genius Lipstick Hack

If you're looking to improve your home's security, then a deadbolt is an excellent choice. These special locks are superior to their standard counterparts, offering you and your family peace of mind. Since deadbolts latch into place, they can form a tighter seal around your door. You may also find yourself replacing a deadbolt if you purchase a new door, as they don't always come with hardware. But deadbolts are more difficult to install than a standard lock, as you have to drill a hole into your door jamb. A strike plate surrounds this hole, protecting your door jamb's integrity. The challenge with new deadbolts is knowing how to line up your parts. However, a dab of lipstick on your deadbolt can help you perfectly install your deadbolt every single time.

If you don't have lipstick, you can pick it up at the Dollar Tree for $1.25. Keep in mind that bright colors, especially red, are best for this hack, clearly marking where to drill. If you're thinking of skipping this step, you may find that your deadbolt won't align with your strike plate, preventing you from locking your door. But this fast and efficient tip can prevent deadbolt misalignment with minimal effort. You can even up the ante when installing your deadbolts and use extra long screws that screw into your door jamb's studs. This TikTok DIY deadbolt door lock change will make your home safer in comparison to using short screws.

Grab your lipstick

Before you do anything, open your door. You'll need to apply lipstick to the tip of your deadbolt for this trick to work. You don't need a lot — just enough for it to clearly mark your door jamb. Next, retract your deadbolt and close your door. Once you've done this, release the knob so your deadbolt touches the doorjamb. Since there isn't any hole there yet, the lipstick will rub off on the wood, showing you where to drill and install your strike plate. After you install everything, you'll see why this trick is the best way to put a deadbolt lock on your door.

If you don't have lipstick handy, you could always use a dab of paint. You just want to wipe it off before it cures on your deadbolt. You could also try chalk, but you'd need to use a bright color. This hack works wonders for any type of door you're looking to secure and works to prevent deadbolt misalignment. You can also use this trick to install new doors in your home. For example, if you recently renovated your space, adding walls, then your door jambs might not have any holes, even for standard locks. But this trick offers a solution that costs zero dollars should you already have lipstick handy. You could even use lip gloss if it's all you have, so long as it's in a bright shade.