Keep Your Houseplants Hydrated With This Easy Mason Jar Hack

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If you have houseplants, then you know how important it is to properly water them. Depending on the season, the amount of water your houseplants need varies. You can keep watering cans nearby, but they're often made of plastic and might not work with your home's aesthetic. Additionally, if you're looking to have a plastic-free home, then you need traditional watering can alternatives. You may have heard about the Mason jar hack to declutter and organize cabinets, but did you know you can use these versatile jars in place of a watering can? You just need to poke a few holes in each lid and voila! Instant watering cans that are plastic-free. 

Once you determine the best time of day to water your houseplants, this hack ups the ante, allowing you to control how much water comes out at any given time. Conversely, traditionally purchased watering cans typically have multiple holes drilled into a rose spout. Yes, you can use a watering can with a free-flow spout, but this may offer too strong of a stream of water. And if you have several types of plants, each with different hydration requirements, you need a more precise watering method. But this hack allows you to swap out lids with different hole configurations. This hack also allows you to save money. If you have one available, repurpose an old Mason jar. This could be from an old jar of jam or tomato sauce — whatever you have available!

Create your Mason jar watering can

The first step is to unscrew your Mason jar lid. You'll need to hammer nails into it, creating a makeshift spout. Your best bet might be to place the lid on a piece of scrap wood when hammering, so as not to damage any furniture. A few taps with your hammer should do the trick. The key to a smooth water flow is to poke two rows of holes, directly across from one another. This works to increase airflow so your water comes out evenly. 

If you don't have old Mason jars in your house, you can purchase them on Amazon for $10. If you don't want clear jars, you can always buy colored Mason jars to match your home's aesthetic. Since they're decorative, you can keep them out in plain sight. If you really want to get creative, consider adding strips of decorative washi tape to your Mason jar for a funky look. 

To save money and keep waste out of landfills, you can visit thrift stores or antique shops in search of old jars. Just keep in mind that, since the lids are metal, they're prone to rusting. But there's a workaround: swap out your existing lids for plastic ones, available on Amazon for $10. Poke holes in them the same way you did with their metal counterparts. You'll add pops of color to your new watering cans while avoiding rust.