This Clever PVC Pipe Hack Will Have You Ditching Your Traditional Laundry Basket

PVC pipes are a real game-changer in the world of building and construction. They're used for various projects, from plumbing and sewage systems to ventilation. But their versatility and durability make them a huge hit with crafters and DIY enthusiasts. Designed for easy assembly, these pipes come in a variety of diameters and with different connectors and fittings — it's like having giant LEGO pieces you can use to build an array of DIY projects for your home. 

Take, for instance, the ever-tricky task of finding the perfect laundry basket. Finding one that fits just right in your laundry room or bathroom can be a challenge, especially when you're trying to work around an awkward space. With PCV pipes, you can design and create a laundry basket that's not only a perfect fit for your space but also tailored to your style and needs. Case in point: look at nor_affandi_nor's DIY laundry basket hack!

Her creation is a two-tier laundry trolley perfectly sized to accommodate standard plastic hampers. What sets this creation apart is its clever use of vertical space, maximizing storage without taking up too much floor area. But that's not all — adding casters and handles transforms this hamper into a super convenient, mobile laundry solution. This feature is handy if your hamper is located some distance from your laundry room, making transporting laundry smooth and effortless!

What you need for your own PVC pipe laundry basket

The real charm of working with PVC pipes is the freedom to tailor-make a project that fits your specific needs. If you're still mulling over design ideas, here are some that might help: Consider the elegant and slim laundry hamper by TChristyEnterprise, perfect for smaller spaces, or the practical four-bag laundry sorter featured on Instructables, which is great for sorting and organizing laundry. There's also a clever, space-efficient, stackable laundry basket solution which was also shared on Instructables, which foregoes wheels for a more stationary setup.

Before you dash off to your favorite home improvement store, measure the space where your basket will go. Sketch out your basket design, including its dimensions. In your sketch, don't forget to map out the fittings and joints you'll need — things like elbows, three-way tees, four-way tees, end caps, and PVC wheel fittings if you plan to add wheels. If you're unsure about the materials, just bring your sketch along. The folks at the store can usually figure out what you need from your drawings. If you want to ensure that the pieces of your PVC basket stay firmly in place, consider using PVC pipe cement. This prevents the pieces from detaching easily when pulled or moved around. As for the containers, you can use clothes or plastic baskets, depending on your design.