Reuse This Kitchen Staple To Easily Store And Organize Your Jewelry

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Rummaging through a pile of tangled jewelry before a night out will only make you one thing: Late. Your outfits and sanity will suffer if you spend hours detangling the necklaces and prying apart the drop earrings you continue to stuff haphazardly into your jewelry box. The best jewelry organizers for your space keep things separated — in easy reach for your next capsule wardrobe-building session or ready to grab as you run out the door. With a few bits of hardware and some simple craft skills, you can quickly transform a drawer cutlery organizer into a hanging jewelry keeper.

Of course, you could simply fit the silverware tray into a drawer in your wardrobe. However, your most prized adornments, especially necklaces, benefit significantly from being hung vertically. Storing everything in ready-made partitions that fit them perfectly also helps you see what you have — and what holes you need to fill — in your jewelry collection. 

Likewise, it prevents the dreaded tangles in necklaces, bracelets, and dangly earrings. This, in turn, leads to fewer repairs in the long run. Plus, open-hanging jewelry storage makes for great wall decor if you own a lot of statement pieces. But don't hang pearl necklaces or elasticated bracelets since the former can get damaged when it swings against other items, and the latter stretches over time.

Organizers and hooks

For those on a budget, picking up a cutlery drawer organizer from local charity shops or Dollar Tree is perfectly acceptable. However, if you prefer working with unused products or have a specific aesthetic in mind, buying one new in a sturdy material won't break the bank. You'll need to screw hooks into the organizer, so look for items made from timber. The Container Store sells a deep bamboo silverware tray with a decidedly eco-friendly, minimalist vibe for just $15.99, while a small ashwood Hold-Everything flatware organizer from Williams Sonoma will set you back a decidedly pricier $59.95. Far from handy and want an already-pretty option? Consider the black leather and wood flatware drawer organizer that's $77.99 at Wayfair

Next are the hooks. "Personally, I love individual hooks for each necklace," Laynē Brookshire, owner of Ms. Placed Professional Organizing, told Reader's Digest — especially when they already match the aesthetic of your jewelry collection. To determine the number and size of hooks you need, take out all your items and work out which pieces you want to hang. Count the number of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, considering their width. Amazon sells a kit with bronze screw hooks in six assorted sizes for $9.99. Elsewhere, this 50-piece pack of cute vinyl-coated cup hooks from Walmart comes in three colors (red, white, or black) and three sizes (0.5, 1, and 1.5 inches) and ranges in price from $8.49 to $18.39.

Get going with the doing

You'll also need something to decorate the compartment interiors — think a leftover roll of wallpaper, fabric, or drawer liner with a pretty pattern or some non-toxic acrylic paint in a hue that matches your existing decor. Peel-and-stick vinyl tiles would look great, too. Don't be afraid to get creative! For example, lifestyle blogger Angela Neese Rathbun, of Blue i Style fame, lined the organizer with her kids' drawings. Tools-wise, grab a drill and drill bit in a slightly smaller width than your hooks, a paintbrush (if you're painting), and some scissors (to trim wallpaper or contact paper). Fortunately, if you don't have a drill, this is one of those clever ways you should be using Command hooks.

To make the holder, first, mark out where you want the hooks to go and drill the holes. Leave plenty of space between each hook to prevent tangles. Don't screw the hooks into the tray just yet. Instead, brush out any sawdust and decorate your box. Now's the time to decorate your organizer with your medium or material of choice. Remember, you need to sand furniture before painting it for a uniform, long-lasting finish (do the same for your organizer, too). 

Finally, screw in the hooks, glue a heavy-duty picture hook on the back with wood-friendly super glue, and you're done! Get your beautiful new organizer on the wall, hang your jewelry items on their respective hooks, and stand back and admire your handiwork.